Questions, Answers and Observations

I don’t think Joe Biden is going to be “better” three years from now than he is now. I don’t want Kamala Harris jammed down my throat as my President when Joe becomes more disabled than he already is. Where are Mike Pence and Steve Bannon when we need/don’t need them. I know Bannon is


Those were the words President Lyndon Baines Johnson used on March 31, 1968 when he recognized that it was over for him as President of the United States of America. The Vietnam War had devoured him and he had no chance of uniting his Party, The Democratic Party, under his leadership. Johnson’s choice to succeed

Rory McIlroy and the Agony of Defeat

Rory McIlroy is a Very Good Golfer. There are a lot of them in the world and throughout history. Hundreds, maybe a Thousand…who knows. He might even deserve to be called an Excellent Golfer but he has not yet reached the level where the Golf World is prepared to decide he is a Great Golfer.

“What Would You Do If It Was Up to You”

Back in the late Ninety’s I spent five years (which was two years too many) trying to make a living playing Poker at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, the Commerce Club in Los Angles and several spots in between like Foxwoods in CT and The Taj in New Jersey. I knew I was in

Gaza: Biden’s Last Chance Saloon

There is no way in God’s Creation that the American People are going to elect a President that lets 100,000 people die on his watch because he was afraid of raising his voice to Benjamin Netanyahu. The disgust level of many who supported you, at your unwillingness to lay down the law, at the 30,000

Joe Don’t Know Jack

For years he’s been telling anyone with ties to Israel, “Tell Bibi I love him.” That’s Biden’s shtick and he’s been doing it to anybody who might help him or give him a buck or a vote since he ran for office in Delaware…right around the time of the Boer War. That’s why Obama put

Moving Right

I must be getting old. Everything pisses me off. For the last ten years, or so, I’ve called myself a Pelosi-Obama Democrat. But, if truth be known, I’ve never registered in either party. I’m far more motivated by what I don’t like in world affairs than what I do like. I’m not the only one

Nikki Haley: Stick a Fork in Her

Wealthy American Jews who love Israel, passionately, had plans for Nikki Haley. Haley had credentials. She is a Former Governor of South Carolina, and the US Ambassador to the United Nations under Trump. She was also a Candidate for President of the United States and, doing well. Money was coming in to her Presidential Campaign.


What do you suppose Ronald Reagan would do if he were our President right now? Let’s concentrate on one matter both President Reagan had to deal with while President and President Biden has to deal with now. The one matter Reagan dealt with and Biden is dealing with is……. ISRAEL It never ends with Israel.


In recent history the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas have confronted each other in Armed conflict in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021. In each of those encounters Hamas was way outgunned and Israel got way the better of it. In 2014, Operation Protective Edge, a conflict that lasted 51 days Israel inflicted a one sided