Nikki Haley: Stick a Fork in Her

Wealthy American Jews who love Israel, passionately, had plans for Nikki Haley.

Haley had credentials. She is a Former Governor of South Carolina, and the US Ambassador to the United Nations under Trump. She was also a Candidate for President of the United States and, doing well.

Money was coming in to her Presidential Campaign. Miriam Adelson, the richest person in Israel and former wife of Trump’s largest Contributor in his first winning Campaign was a frequent caller.

Miriam Adelson occupies a special role amongst those who care about Israel, a lot, and are capable of writing seven and eight figure checks to Republican Candidates who share her views. She serves as an informal advisor on who is deserving of contributions, plus timing and amounts.

Haley was getting ready to “ring the cash register” big time until she all of a sudden went “stupid” right before the Iowa Caucuses.

She was given a soft ball question about the causes of the Civil War. She could have used that question to establish herself as a great thinker and separate herself from the field, with whites and blacks, as someone who had both a great mind and heart.

What came out was childish gobbledygook that was followed up by a particularly strange statement in which she volunteered, a few days later, “that the United States needs Israel a lot more than Israel needs the United States.”

She started leaking oil after those Douses and took a Third in Iowa.

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