The special circumstances of this year's presidential campaign and the emergence of Rick Santorum are a challenge to describe in any one language. For that reason, I'm pressing into service the wonderful descriptive qualities of Yiddish for my maiden voyage on this website adventure. As many know, a mensch is a person of character, someone


Pat Buchanan is an acquired taste. He's sort of like Scotch whiskey…bracing and not for everyone. Pat's penchant for prostrating himself simultaneously on all of the third rails of American politics (Israel, race, sexual orientation, abortion, and immigration) finally caught up with him. MSNBC finalized a de facto separation. Pat took it like a champ…no


Chris Matthews consistently suggests a sinister motive to Ron Paul's willingness to attack Gingrich and Santorum, while giving a pass to Romney.  It's simple. Ron Paul has indicated that he thought Romney had the management style and psychological makeup suitable for the job of President and that, based on his experience working with Gingrich and