“What Would You Do If It Was Up to You”

Back in the late Ninety’s I spent five years (which was two years too many) trying to make a living playing Poker at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, the Commerce Club in Los Angles and several spots in between like Foxwoods in CT and The Taj in New Jersey.

I knew I was in a bad spot if everybody at the table was losing and disgusted (they usually go together) and the game was so devoid of “action and energy” that the dealer had to keep things moving by periodically reminding the remaining half awake players…..”what would you do if it was up to you.”

What does this have to do with Politics and World Affairs, which is usually my “beat” so to speak? The main characters are so uninteresting….compared, at least, to Reagan, Kennedy, Nixon, Kissinger and Obama in the reasonably recent past.

I can hear some wise guy at the end of the bar saying, “OK big shot what’s your plan?”

Here’s What I Would Do.

First. Fix Our Relationship With Israel. Israel is not an ally. They are an expensive albatross around our neck They never fight with us and have spied on us. The Jonathan Pollard Case. They are a bottomless pit for our money and attention. We have better places for both. I would normalize our relationship with Israel by gradually reducing Aid and, I would pick up the phone to Iran and say “what’s up” with a view towards normalizing our relations with them.

Second. Achieve a Cease Fire in Ukraine. The country is part Russian and part Ukrainian by language. The situation cries out for a cease fire. An actual functioning US President would demand it. We can get China to help us persuade Russia to be “reasonable” in drawing the Cease Fire Lines. Those who say “not a single inch” will just have to get their feelings hurt.

Third. It is not necessary tor the USA and Russia to be enemies. There are three Super Powers in the World, First, and most powerful, is the USA. Second, is China. Third is Russia. We should seek to maintain non-hostile relations with both. Ridiculous “sanctions” on this, that or the other country are childish and stupid. We got to get over this “sanctions bullshit.” Seriously. Let’s be grownups. Ya think?

Fourth. The USA has to recognize that “Respect” is a two-way street. The USA will not allow a country that has nuclear weapons to enter into a mutual defense relationship with a country in the Western Hemisphere without our permission. Putin made it clear to the USA, Ukraine, and the World, long before Russia commenced hostilities with Ukraine that if Ukraine took steps to join NATO, which includes Nuclear Powered, USA, France and England they (Russia) would view it as a “hostile act” by Ukraine. Ukraine, with the aid and urging of the USA took steps towards NATO and Russia attacked Ukraine as they said they would.


Sophisticated readers will say the above is politically unrealistic because the powerful Israel Lobby would not let it happen.

That is all the more reason to do it.

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