Joe Don’t Know Jack

For years he’s been telling anyone with ties to Israel, “Tell Bibi I love him.”

That’s Biden’s shtick and he’s been doing it to anybody who might help him or give him a buck or a vote since he ran for office in Delaware…right around the time of the Boer War.

That’s why Obama put him on the Ticket. He knew everybody and liked most of them even Jim Eastland and Strom Thurman. And, he was willing to do all the stuff that Obama was less good at like make small talk at Country Fairs with people wearing funny hats.

He was a quick enough study to know that Jewish voters needed a lot of attention. They needed constant reassurance that he loved Israel. And, if you offered that assurance; you could count on them and their friends showing up at your Fundraisers, “and volunteering to help out” anyway they can.

He became President by accident. The most intelligent thing he said at umpteen debates was “I see I’m out of time.” He had one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel when, out of the blue, a highly respected black Congressman from South Carolina, Jim Clyburn, announced that he would vote for Joe Biden in the South Carolina Primary “because I know Joe, and Joe knows us.”

Fast forward a few months and Joe walks into a big building painted white and the Marine Band plays “Hail to the Chief.”

As Church Lady used to say “Isn’t That Special.”

Fast forward to October 7, 2023, Hamas Fighters charged out of their network of tunnels in Gaza, a plot of land about one tenth the size of Rhode Island and killed 1,200 Israelis and took 240 Israelis hostage.

A number of wars between Israel and Hamas took place before October 7, 2023 including Operation Protective Edge, 2014 and The Gaza War 2008-2009.

So now, Joe “Don’t Know Jack” Biden has the world looking right at him.

His best friend forever, Benjamin Netanyahu, has plans for some serious killing. He’s racked up about 30,000 so far but that doesn’t begin to set the table for the Blood Lust Bibi Got and His Settler Buddies who keep Bibi employed.

There’s no doubt in my mind Bibi has visions of 100,000 dead citizens of Gaza dancing in his head.

“Don’t Know Jack” Biden don’t know much but he does know 70,000 more dead and he won’t get Jill’s vote or that of anyone else in the USA.

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