Gaza: Biden’s Last Chance Saloon

There is no way in God’s Creation that the American People are going to elect a President that lets 100,000 people die on his watch because he was afraid of raising his voice to Benjamin Netanyahu.

The disgust level of many who supported you, at your unwillingness to lay down the law, at the 30,000 dead, level is off the charts. Do you like the name Genocide Joe. Its being used against you because you are viewed as weak and afraid.

Of what?

Get a life, Joe. You are the President of the United States of America.

Go to the bookstore and buy Ronald Reagan’s Autobiography. He talks about two run-ins with the Israelis early in his administration. He found out how deceptive, indeed, slippery they were to him.

Reagan won both challenges to his authority by Israel.

The first involved the sale of AWACS planes to a foreign country that could be blocked if both Houses of Congress disapproved. Reagan made a decision that the deal was good for us and should be done. He asked Israel’s Prime Minister at the time, Menachem Begin, to not Lobby the American Congress against him. Begin gave Reagan his word and then broke his word immediately.

In another matter, Israel had some Muslim fighters trapped in a Civilian Area of Beirut. Israel was battering the area from afar running up huge civilian causalities. The slaughter was sickening.

Reagan picked up the phone and told Begin “he was creating a Holocaust in Beirut and that if it didn’t stop it would change the relationship between Israel and the United States on everything.”

The killing stopped immediately.


Do your job Joe.

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