Moving Right

I must be getting old. Everything pisses me off.

For the last ten years, or so, I’ve called myself a Pelosi-Obama Democrat. But, if truth be known, I’ve never registered in either party.

I’m far more motivated by what I don’t like in world affairs than what I do like. I’m not the only one thinking like that.

I’m not a big contributor to politicians, but I give now and then. I can remember giving to Chris Dodd (his aunt got me a job way way back). I gave Bush I ($200) in 1979.

Bill Clinton was a special case. He finished third in the New Hampshire Primary, in 1992 and called himself the “Comeback Kid.” Bill went on Ted Koppel’s Show and somehow convinced Koppel he didn’t Dodge the Draft. I sent Bill $15 (after I send a check, we’re first name basis for life) with a note congratulating him for being “way too tricky for anyone to catch.”

I gave Tulsi Gabbard $300 because she called out Netanyahu by name when she ran for President. Anybody calling out Netanyahu is “drawing live” to get a check from me.

Had to say that. It’s poker terminology. If you’re “drawing dead” you have no chance to win the pot you’re playing no matter what card or cards come. “Drawing live” means you’ve got a shot.

I guess the thing that makes me drift right is the chicken shit American Press vis a vis Israel. Totally pathetic.

Our Press literally stinks. The best person, by far, is Fareed Zakaria on CNN one hour per week. I’m even capable of liking Tucker Carlson a little bit. He had the guts to put Tulsi Gabbard on TV when nobody else would and he got fired when he wouldn’t roll over for Murdoch.

Hang in there Tucker. Steve Bannon too. Bannon is Irish Catholic. So am I. I’ll “go tribal” when the Spirit Moves. Are you telling me our Jewish brothers and Sisters do not support one another?

Give that up buttercup.

In my opinion, a good press person should always be on the verge of being fired. He or she must always push to tell “the whole story” even when it goes against what “Ownership” prefers.

My appreciation for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama is based on their willingness to negotiate and enter into a Deal with Iran in Obama’s Second Term. Israel, and her friends in Congress, tried to defeat the deal in Congress. Israel wants us to ask their permission before we, the USA, make any new friends.


Nancy, who knows everybody, helped Obama find the votes in the Senate so the Israel First crowd couldn’t even find the votes to bring a Resolution of Disapproval of the Iran Deal up for a vote in the Senate. Nancy is as tough as they come.

Trump took us out of the Iran Deal.

That’s another matter involving the late Sheldon Adelson. Which is a story all by itself. HINT: Nikki Haley is trying as hard as she can to be Marion Adelson’s favorite person. Marion Adelson, Sheldon’s widow, is the richest person in Israel.

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