Questions, Answers and Observations

I don’t think Joe Biden is going to be “better” three years from now than he is now.

I don’t want Kamala Harris jammed down my throat as my President when Joe becomes more disabled than he already is.

Where are Mike Pence and Steve Bannon when we need/don’t need them. I know Bannon is in Jail. What’s up with Pence.

Have either Joe Biden or Donald Trump read a Book.

Did you know that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is the oldest of seven children and that she and her husband have seven children, five natural and two adopted from Haiti.

If Biden can hold PA, MI and WI he’s probably a 50-50 shot to win.

American Cops treat Palestinian Demonstrators almost as badly as Blacks were treated by Cops in the Sixties.

Did you know that we will not allow a country in the Western Hemisphere to have a Nuclear Weapon nor will we allow a country in the Western Hemisphere to enter into a Mutual Defense Agreement with a Nuclear Power outside our Hemisphere.

On Foreign Affairs the only person on TV that is somewhat fair on issues involving Israel is Fareed Zaharia on CNN Sunday 10AM.

The best writer and speaker and author in the USA on Forgein Affairs is Professor John Mearsheimer, PhD at University of Chicago. He graduated from West Point and spent several years in the Military. He knows warfare and policy.

I once Caddied a Pro Golf Tournament. I was 14 years old. I was the youngest Caddy in the Field. The Tournament was The Greater Hartford Open.

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