Ed Rendell is a Democrat … a meat and potatoes Democrat. He's been around for a long time … winning and sometimes losing elections in the rough-and-tumble of Pennsylvania politics. He's been D.A. and Mayor of Philadelphia, and two-term governor of the state. Recently, on MSNBC, he was part of a four person panel discussion


Newt Gingrich invited President Obama to come down to Mississippi to check out some natural gas drilling rigs. Poor Newt. The only people who come to his events these days are those who want to see his Secret Service detail.  Newt, who uses the one-word adjective "cheerful" to describe himself, is getting a little testy with


Joe Scarborough, MSNBC gasbag and cheap-shot artist, suggests Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey is unfit for the job he holds because he called Iran a "rational actor" and refused to back down from that description in testimony before Congress. First, Demsey was using language almost identical to that used by former Israeli


Pat Buchanan is an acquired taste. He's sort of like Scotch whiskey…bracing and not for everyone. Pat's penchant for prostrating himself simultaneously on all of the third rails of American politics (Israel, race, sexual orientation, abortion, and immigration) finally caught up with him. MSNBC finalized a de facto separation. Pat took it like a champ…no