Newt Gingrich invited President Obama to come down to Mississippi to check out some natural gas drilling rigs. Poor Newt. The only people who come to his events these days are those who want to see his Secret Service detail. 

Newt, who uses the one-word adjective "cheerful" to describe himself, is getting a little testy with the press, who keep asking when he'll get out of the race. Newt insists he's going all the way to the convention in Tampa. 

Why wouldn't he? He can always stay in Sheldon Adelson's suite. If he does what he's told. 

Dylan Ratigan On March 8, I spent 5 minutes watching Ratigan's show at 4:00pm on MSNBC. In that period of time, Ratigan referred to one thing or another as something that "sucked" four times. His guests got into the spirit of the occasion, and observed that something else "sucked" and someone "got screwed". 

All this, in 5 minutes, at 4:00pm. Just in time for the kids getting home from school. 

If you watch Ratigan, three things become clear. First, he can't read a teleprompter. Second, he can't ask an initial question, never mind a follow-up question. Third, he doesn't know anything … he may not even suspect anything. 

I've spent more time than is reasonable sitting at a poker table at 4:00am in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The level of discourse at the poker table is like the Oxford Union compared to Ratigan's show.