Rachel Maddow is a “Company Girl.”

The “Company” is Comcast. Its controlling shareholder and CEO is Brian Roberts. Comcast owns MSNBC and decides who, and what goes on their television stations.

Mr. Roberts is Jewish. He is a frequent traveler to Israel and friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr. Roberts does not want to see or hear “unnecessary” criticism of Israel on the channels he owns or from the employees he pays.

As a “Company Girl”, Maddow doesn’t need to be told what Mr. Roberts wants twice. Just like back in school when she took out the trash and cleaned the blackboards for her teachers, Maddow makes sure Mr. Roberts does not see or hear any criticism of Israel at any time, from her own self. Ever.

Teachers pet always gets an A.

Maddow has gone far in life being careful. She specializes in kicking people when they are down and not liked by Management. People who are up, tough and can fight back she avoids, completely. She might get her feelings hurt.

Last week was GAZA WEEK, in World News. It’s difficult to speak about the war between Israel and Hamas without having something to say about the difference in size and power of the belligerents, Hamas fighters and the Israeli Military.

Israel has a magnificently equipped military, bought and paid for by American Taxpayers. They can kill as many residents of Gaza as they choose without putting a significant number of their own soldiers in harms way. Hamas rockets aimed at Israel are generally destroyed by Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System also courtesy of American Taxpayers. The last time they fought, in 2014, Israel lost 73 dead, including 67 soldiers killed in one face-to-face encounter. The citizens of Gaza suffered 2,200 deaths, including hundreds of children under nine years old. Gaza is one-tenth the size of Rhode Island.

“Company Girl” Maddow solved the possible problem of incurring the displeasure of Mr. Roberts by not mentioning the word “GAZA” once during the entire week just past. What determination! That took some doing. In its place, she did her usual giggling criticisms and dramatic readings from court documents of hapless and helpless characters who may have been important some time, back when we were young.

People who rip apart the progressive agenda on a daily basis, but have a microphone of their own and the ability to respond, get a permanent pass from Maddow. Like, for instance, Tucker Carlson of FOX.

Last week, Carlson attacked Tony Fauci claiming his activities in the battle against Covid actually might have been criminal in nature.

What! Our Dr. Fauci, criminal? A graduate of Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA not far from where Maddow spends her very long weekends. It couldn’t be true. An actual Newsperson would be all over Carlson and his Fauci story. After all, Maddow has been running ads featuring Fauci complimenting Maddow to help pump up her ratings. Basic loyalty requires, that she attack Carlson’s argument on Fauci and come to his defense.

And, what did Maddow do…….

Nothing. Nada. Bupkis. Maddow doesn’t do loyalty, if it’s inconvenient. When it comes to taking on FOX personalities like Hannity, Carlson or the rest of the FOX line up, Maddow is as meek as a church mouse. Maddow did nothing to defend Fauci.

That stinks. Maddow should be ashamed of herself.

Maddow should quit and make way for people who take actual risk and face danger at MSNBC like Ayman Mohyeldin who’s been to Gaza, faced risk and incurred the wrath of Management. He’s not a giggler or dramatic reader. He goes places and reports, even when it’s uncomfortable to management.

Leave, Maddow. Your giggling ridicule and time killing dramatic readings are a cowardly crashing bore. Your time has come and gone.


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