What do you suppose Ronald Reagan would do if he were our President right now?

Let’s concentrate on one matter both President Reagan had to deal with while President and President Biden has to deal with now.

The one matter Reagan dealt with and Biden is dealing with is…….


It never ends with Israel. Its always something. They want more of this and more of that and they want to get away with no end of mishegoss and they bitch and don’t want to pay for anything.

And, on top of that, they can’t be trusted.

They, the Israelis, spied on us in one of the most damaging spy cases against our Country in our History. The Jonathan Pollard matter.

They, Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular, assured a committee of our Congress one year and one day after 9/11 that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction and the US should go to war against them.

We went to war against Iraq. Israel didn’t help. Iraq did not have WMD. And, the USA lost thousands of soldiers killed in action.

Later, then Prime Minister Netanyahu went behind the back of a the sitting US President, Barack Obama, to arrange, secretly, with a Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, to speak in the House Chamber, against the foreign policy of President Barack Obama. The issue involved the Iran Deal.

Both Reagan and Biden have had occasion to deal with Israel as it brutalized the Palestinian People.

For Reagan, the moment of truth was August 1982. The Defense Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon had a bunch of Palestinian fighters trapped in Beirut, Lebanon. They had no where to go.

As the Israelis unleashed American bought and paid for weaponry on the city of Beirut, a Newsweek Reporter observed, “it was like watching a grown man slowly beat a sick dog to death.”

The killing was sickening.

Reagan, at first, was reluctant to get involved. He was new in the job. Finally, he’d had enough. He picked up the phone and when he finally got the Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, on the phone he said “You are creating a Holocaust and if it doesn’t stop it will change our relationship on all matters.” Check it out. Autobiography of Ronald Reagan PP 416-419.

It stopped immediately. That is the only language the Israelis respond to.

If President Joe Biden wants to slow down the killing in Gaza, he’s going to have to put his man pants on and tell Benjamin Netanyahu that the killing must stop immediately, “or it will change our relationship on all matters.”

Its your job, Joe.

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