In recent history the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas have confronted each other in Armed conflict in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021. In each of those encounters Hamas was way outgunned and Israel got way the better of it.

In 2014, Operation Protective Edge, a conflict that lasted 51 days Israel inflicted a one sided slaughter operation on Hamas that Israel had reason to think they were home free of serious problems from Hamas forever more.

Enter, October 7, 2023. The greatest shock to Israel since Independence in 1948. Israel and all of its bought and paid for friends in the US Congress refer to what Hamas did on that day and those that followed as a Terrorist Attack.

I think a better case can be made for the fact that the way out-manned and outgunned Hamas fighters holed up in the open air prison of Gaza used the weapons at their disposal to do unto Israel what Israel had been doing onto the Citizens of Gaza….whenever they felt like it….with every expectation of more to come.

Seriously, those foolish little rockets that Hamas sent up back in 2014 were so silly Israel laughed them off courtesy of USA Cash and The Iron Dome.

But, that’s that. What now?

The body count as of right now is Israel has lost about 1,400 of its people most of which were killed on October 7. Israel has killed about 9,061 Gaza residents.

Looking forward, the following interesting possibilities are imminent:

Biden is sinking in the polls. He’s back in the dirty thirties. Younger people are disgusted by the overwhelming, American bought and paid for weaponry, used by Israel to kill innocent Gaza civilians.

Israel wants more money. They’ll get more…in time. Israel gets more out of us than anyone. They might have to wait. Israel has 72 resident Billionaires. Hello!!

Apparently they have deep pockets but short arms.

The guy that might be shortchanged is Zelensky. Remember him? The guy in the Green Shirt from Ukraine. The new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, does not feel the urgency to save Zelensky’s career as a free lance traveling dignitary.

Could be Putin caught a break if the American Taxpayer has had enough of the Green Shirt.

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