If the immensely talented, and driven, District Attorney of Fulton County Georgia, Fani T Willis, is able to entice Donald Trump, into her own personal Lion’s Den, also known as the Fulton County Georgia Courthouse, avert your eyes. Its Mike Tyson versus Woody Allen on punching power or Fanny Lou Hamer versus Cecil Price on likely to meet their Maker, on good terms.

In other words a complete and total mismatch. Da Trumpster will be in Da Dumpster.

Someone has got to shout that in Trump’s ear. He has no idea the mess he will be in if he goes to Fulton County Georgia, this week, per the instructions of Fani T Willis.

Fani T is a force. Understand that. She’s paid over one million dollars per year. In a County. How can that happen? She makes way more than the Georgia Governor and the President of the United States combined.

And, nobody seems to know it or want to know it or say it out loud if they do. Strange. Are the “nice” people afraid they will be called a name if they say something true about Fani T that does not qualify as total adoration?

I got no time for that Mickey Mouse.

Fani T didn’t get to where she’s at by being stupid. She works hard and smart. Her father was a lawyer and a Black Panther. She knows her history and can’t help but be influenced by it.

She will never lose in court, in her part of the world, because she was outsmarted or unprepared. But, of course, if you’re smart you stay out of her part of the world especially if you’ve got a legitimate excuse to not be there.

In this case, Trump has an excuse. The nationally recognized substandard sanitary and safety conditions of the Court and Jail Complex in Fulton County Georgia.

Trump’s people should use that excuse and refuse to go…at least not now. Make her wait. Doctors Orders. Clean it up and we will negotiate a new date. We’ve got nothing to hide. Buy time and say we can work together……..blah blah blah…Be sincere, of course, but take plenty of time. You don’t want Trump to catch the creeping crud at the courthouse.

Fani T is in a hurry. She has a shot at being a Super Star if she can showcase her skills on National TV right before the Democratic Convention in August.

It is not the job of Trump’s lawyers to help Fani T with her political ambitions at their own client’s expense. In fact, if things get stretched out a bit, she may have to earn her Million a year in Fulton County and miss the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. There isn’t anybody in Politics, making over One Million Dollars Per Year that doesn’t think they should be President.

That includes the District Attorney of Fulton County Georgia, Fani T. Willis.


Memo to Trump: Don’t go where you don’t gotta go before you got to go there.

Memo to Trump Number Two: If you do go to Fulton County Georgia, this week, Fani T Willis will have a better chance of being the next President of the United States than you.


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