What? You say you don’t know who Fani T Willis is.

Congratulations. That means you have a life. I had one once. Now, I write about the implausible, incomprehensible and the bizarre. Usually, that means politicians, and I do it for free.

At least I can’t get fired.

I write because I feel good when I finish. As Dorothy Parker said, “I hate writing; but I love to have written.”

Fani T Willis requires attention. That’s just the way things are.

She is the elected District Attorney of Fulton County Georgia. There are 154 Counties in Georgia, so, being the DA of one of those 154 Counties can’t be that big of a deal, can it?

That’s what I thought once. But, everything changes when Fani T Willis is involved. Like, for instance, compensation. The District Attorney of Fulton County Georgia is paid $1,744,601 per year.

That is not a typo. She makes four times the President of the United States and the chicken libs on MSNBC are unwilling to say that out loud. (I love gutsy libs. Nancy Pelosi in particular.)

Everything about how Fani T Willis’s compensation that is reported in public documents is bizarre. One segment, is the yearly segment which is described as “.890 mil per year”.


Actual human beings not trying to deceive or obfuscate typically say $890,000 per year.

Then you have the monthly batch of $71,867 listed as salary. Someone reading the documents quickly might not see the “monthly” in the small print and not know that they have some math to do…like $71,867 times 12.

Google, at one time, would multiply any numbers, but, no longer, in my experience.

The long and the short of it is she gets $890,000 for one pocket and $854,591 for the other. The sum total is $1,744,601 per year. I say it twice because the “too good to be true” chicken libs (Pelosi and Obama are my kind of libs) on MSNBC are so wedded to a “black woman overcomes racism” narrative that they are unwilling to say the obvious, like “what the hell is going on in Fulton County with the ridiculously out of line compensation for their County DA while the poorest of the poor rot in their underfunded Jail.

Doesn’t it reflect character and, if not, why not? Especially given the fact that Fulton County has so grossly mistreated the poorest of the poor. Namely, the residents of the Fulton County Jail whose squalid living conditions have been chronicled in this space.

Maybe the next time Alex Wagner (who I like) of MSNBC has Fani T Willis on she should ask her if there isn’t something morally repugnant about her compensation.


Fani T Willis recently got lucky. Representative James Jordan wrote her a long letter criticizing Fani T Willis’s handling of cases originating in Fulton County.

It gave Fani T an opportunity to “take him to school” so to speak.

She did a good job of it and most Democrats were pleased. She now has a national fan base amongst Democrats

Yet to be determined is whether Fani T Willis might have hurt her chances of getting Convictions on some of the cases she has brought back home. When one raises their profile as a Prosecutor they increase the risk that a Juror might want to take it out on her and vote Not Guilty to “get even.”

It just takes one to “hang” a jury.

But, in Fani T Willis’s mind that’s all small ball and yesterday to boot. She’s got the Democratic Convention in Chicago on her mind and, I wouldn’t be surprised, if she’s got “Hail to the Chief” playing on her earphones.

Hey, someone has to be President….

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