It would be a huge error for Trump to go to Georgia now, or in the foreseeable future.

The Fulton County Courthouse and Jail are unhealthy stinkholes that are literally dangerous to your physical health. You should have no problem getting a Doctor to say that in writing.

If you voluntarily put yourself under the control of the Fulton County District Attorney, Fani T Willis, she has you. And you will ultimately be convicted of the whole mishegoss she’s charged you with.

Her Conviction of you will be reversed on Appeal on the grounds that the Grand Jury that indicted you and the Trial Jury that will convict you are not Representative of the entire State of Georgia.

But, that takes time. And by the time the Supreme Court acts, Fani T Willis will be a national hero and you will still be trying to get the stink of the Fulton County Courthouse out of your nostrils.

A simple assault or robbery can be indicted and prosecuted by a locally drawn grand jury and trial jury.

This is an Election Case involving how the Electoral Votes of the entire state of Georgia will be allocated in deciding a National Election. There are 154 counties in Georgia. Picking the Grand Jurors and Trial Jurors from a single county is obvious error, on a case involving conduct by a candidate throughout the entire state seeking votes from all 154 Counties, for National office.

It is patently obvious that anybody competing for the votes of an entire state in a national election is entitled to have his/her conduct judged by a cross-section of the voters of the entire state.


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