Remember that old song “Everything’s Up to date in Kansas City

Stand back KC, make way for Fani T. Willis, and Fulton County, GA they’re living large and making news. Fani T is the District Attorney of Fulton County Georgia, the largest of Georgia’s 154 Counties.

Everything is big in Fulton County. If you watched the Fani T extravaganza the other night that finally ended about midnight you saw various and sundry supernumeraries preparing the stage for The Star, Fani T, who was fashionably late to announce that 19 folks had been charged forty one criminal counts growing out of our last Presidential Election. Trump, of course, is amongst those charged.

If you want Press, charge Trump. Elementary.

Nobody in the Fani T entourage looked like they had missed a meal…or been to the gym. Meanwhile, the skinny white judge looked like he hadn’t been out of the Law Library since Hector was a pup.

Fani T has made a move on the National News Cycle going forward.The Boston- Washington Corridor is all in Fanni T. So far. She’s the toast of the Democratic Northeast.

I’m trying to get a little information on her which is difficult. She lists a $5.8 Mil Net Worth which is quite healthy for a person, 52 years old, working for County Government.

It gets bizarre when one tries to get a straight story on how much the citizens of Fulton County pay the Divine, Fani T. When that story is garbled….watch out!

I’ve done a bit of searching and noticed that some sites say she makes $79,000 per year. I guarantee that’s not right. I’ve seen other sites say she makes $ .89 million per year. (Who and Why would anyone want to express a salary like that except to obfuscate?) I have seen information to the extent that she is making $890,000.00 per year!

That’s an extraordinary number. It happens to be over twice the Annual Salary of The President of the United States.

The only way the $890,000.00 makes sense is if, the law in Georgia, allows the Attorneys in Fulton County to share in fines they bring into the County on cases they work on.

I’m just say’in.

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