Just what kind of a story will our Press, that loves Ukraine more than life itself, have to tell us to get the Tax Paying Citizens of the USA to continue to cough up about 115 Billion Dollars per year “so Ukraine can get every inch of its land back.”

I have to stop right here before the enormity of the numbers simply overwhelm.

There are things about Russia and Ukraine that must be known before reasonable judgments can be made about the role of the USA in the Russia-Ukraine war from this point forward.

ONE. The USA spends less than Three Billion Dollars Per Year on the countries of Sub Saharan Africa, an area with a population of 950 million from which the slaves were taken to the Western Hemisphere. Joe Biden says “show me yourbudget and I’ll know your values.” Joe is willing to open our wallet for Ukraine to the tune of 115 Billion Dollars per year and “not notice” the needs of Sub-Saharan Africa.

TWO. Ukraine never lifted a finger to help the USA when we were hit on 9/11. NATO countries were required to help the US. Many other countries, including countries who were not NATO members, helped because it was the right thing to do. Non NATO countries who lost lives helping the USA included the countries of Georgia, New Zealand, Sweden and Jordan. Ukraine couldn’t be bothered. I guess they just weren’t “into” the USA back then.

THREE. If it were not for Russia, and Russia’s heroic resistance and ultimate defeat of NAZI Germany in Operation Barbarossa, in World War II there would be no such place as Ukraine. Russia lost 25,000,000 citizens in World War II. The number of Jews and other unfortunates murdered by the NAZIS in the Holocaust would have vastly exceeded six million were it not for the sacrifices of Russia. Does that have anything to do with anything? Do you think Israel would ever let the USA hear the end of it if they laid down a single life with and for the USA anywhere, anytime? Blood matters. Especially to the surviving family members of those who shed it.

FOUR. It matters that the President of Ukraine is Jewish. It matters that the man at the top of CNN, Fred Zaslav, is Jewish and traces his heritage to Poland and Ukraine. CNN “sees” Russian War Crimes constantly, but never “notices” the brutality of Israel in Gaza where demonstrators get their eyes shot out or knees “exploded” by fun loving Israeli snipers. When Russia attacked the country of Georgia, whose President was Christian, normally vigilant Wolf Blitzer, slept through it. The Country of Georgia, had stood with us in Afghanistan after 9/11. Ukraine and Israel couldn’t be bothered.

FIFTH People who know, recognize that Ukraine is losing the war and it is a foolish goal to think Ukraine will get “every inch of its land back” while staying within the Biden directive of helping Ukraine, but not widening the war.

Against the factual backdrop and history outlined above let me set forth an “End Game” that draws heavily on the thinking of a very pro Ukraine Professor and Author, named Stephen Kotkin, formerly of Princeton, where his Western Civilization Course, Plato to NATO, was filled to capacity for decades. Professor Kotkin is finishing (writing) his third volume on the Life of Joseph Stalin. I was in a bookstore in Washington, DC when Professor Kotkin gave a talk introducing his first volume on Stalin over twenty years ago.

Kotkin is a realist who knows Russia and its neighbors. His heart is for Ukraine but he will not distort the truth to curry favor with the
Ukrainian Groupies at CNN. He did a lengthy interview with David Remick of New Yorker that was first rate. And in the last couple of weeks he did a one hour presentation at Rand in Stanford. A hangout for serious thinkers on big picture stuff.

Speaking to a pro-Ukraine audience, at Rand he started by saying “Ukraine is losing the War.” He followed by saying the goal of “winning
back every inch” was not one that he shared. He went on to discuss how things might unfold if handled intelligently.

The figure being bandied around to rebuild Ukraine is $400 Billion. No volunteers to pick up that tab so far. My bet, it will end up about
five times that since nobody is willing to go “Ceasefire in Place” right now. Kissinger made the case for Cease Fire a few months ago.
Technically, the Korean War never ended. South Korea ended up as one of the most prosperous countries in the world because the parties had enough sense to enter a cease fire that has held since 1953.

When things are “stuck” it’s the job of the Leader of the most powerful country in the world to Lead. Look at our recent effective Presidents from Eisenhower, to Reagan to Obama. I’m convinced each of those leaders would feel compelled to call the principals together and demand at least a ceasefire in place for ten days and use those ten days to get 30 more and six months on top of that.

The way to stop the killing is to stop the killing. Then, everybody can compete to win the Peace. The US didn’t do so hot trying
to win the VietNam war but we did a decent job of making peace. Now, Vietnam is a great friend and trading partner. We lost the
war and both sides won the peace.

Step up Joe.

You are the President of the United States. Bring the parties together and demand a cease fire.
You’ve always wanted to be President.

Go be President.

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