The USA is being played by President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

Mr. Zelensky will be referred to hereinafter as “Shirt” mainly because he wants to be the star of the all groups a la Mao or Che…action heroes. Some more than others.

C’mon Shirt. Lighten up.

Good thing Nancy isn’t President, she’s send him home to brush his teeth and put on a jacket and tie. Its the USA. Show respect.

Shirt wants more of everything from everybody. In his mind, everybody owes Ukraine. Pony up or be viewed as a no-good nik by CNN which loves “Shirt” more than life itself.

Shirt, by the way is Jewish. The big muckety muck at CNN, Zaslav, is Jewish with deep ties to Poland and Ukraine through grandparents. To say he’s passionately Jewish would be understating the matter. The lineup at CNN includes Wolf Blitzer, et al. Jews are well represented.

Is this adoration and obedience demanded by “Shirt” and enforced by CNN fair and right? No way, Jose.

There are people in the USA with nowhere to stay and nothing to eat. There are people in Africa living in conditions that are hard to believe. Do Shirt and his American “groupies” know or care about them?

How could they? The rule at the USA groaning board nowadays is Shirt eats first, second and third. Then we have aid to Israel…oops, that’s about all…sorry about the banks. Yellen was trying to be a Shirt groupie while the banks went under…nobody’s perfect.

I’ve always been tempted to knock on the door of the Black Caucus. They just don’t seem that “into” Africa. African countries get aid from us through a peashooter compared to small, but SUPER RICH, Israel that gulps down billions from a firehouse…even though Israel is brim full of Billionaires.

Oh well…..

Joe Biden will take care of that when he becomes more comfortable in the job. I heard he’s still trying to figure out how he fell up the stairs of Air Force One.

Where our Press has failed miserably in educating the American public about the Russian-Ukraine conflict is in establishing “context” between those two parties. I say the press “failed” assuming the motive of the press was clarity, not cheerleading for a fellow Jew in a leadership role. If the later is the true motive, the press is winning but sowing hate.

So, let’s set context.

If it wasn’t for Russia there would be no such place as Ukraine and the Holocaust figures would have been even more shocking. Maybe 10,000,000 rather than 6,000,000 dead Jews and other unfortunates.

It’s World War II. The Nazis attacked Russia way before the USA entered the War. Russia did far more than any other country to win the war in Europe and lost 25,000,000 people in the process. The USA was key to finishing Hitler and dominated the War in the Pacific causing the War, in both Theatres, to end.

We lost about 440,000 soldiers. We’ve been lucky, by comparison. We’ve fought most of our wars on foreign soil. Russia has fought at home. Most people would never guess that a country could actually lose 25,000,000 people and “win” a war. That’s what happened to Russia in WW II.

Read that again, 25,000,000 million people lost in one war to purge Nazism from the face of the earth. Should we be surprised that Russians think they have earned certain rights in their neighborhood? The USA certainly thinks we’ve earned rights in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Is it the least bit “strange” that Russia feels like they have some “blood equity” in that part of the world. Of course they have. Russia shed blood so there could be a place called Ukraine.

If that’s too far away and long ago for your tastes, let’s talk about 2019. “Shirt” exists, but is not yet leader of Ukraine. The existing leader amends the Ukrainian Constitution to authorize Ukraine joining NATO. Russia has advised all parties, Ukraine joining NATO is a “threatening act” by the new joiner to Russia.

You may know, in the USA, we will not allow Nuclear Weapons in the Western Hemisphere, except, of course, our own. We’re strong enough that we can say that and enforce it. Good for the USA.

Russia cannot enforce a similar edict. They simply do not have our power. Good for us. But, they have “Blood Equity” and power by virtue of the fact they did more to save Western Civilization in its darkest hour than any other country.

Russia has made it clear to Ukraine that if Ukraine took action to join NATO (which Russia viewed as too threatening because it potentially put the nuclear weapons of many countries on their border) Russia would view that action as provocative and they would respond by force.

Ukraine amended its Constitution in 2019, before “Shirt’s” election as President. The attack by Russia on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 was their response to that provocation. Similar, in a way, to JFK’s response to Russia’s moving nuclear weapons onto Cuba in 1962. In that settlement Russia took the missiles out, as we demanded, and we removed some of our weapons from Turkey to close the deal.

That’s where we’re at.

We are about 15 months into the killing. We’ve given Ukraine $150-200Billion. We have the President we have. Which is a shame.

A real President, a FDR or a Truman maybe even Reagan would bring Mr Zelensky in… maybe up to Camp David and say this:

There will be a Cease Fire in Place. There has to be. We have people who are in pain. In the USA. They are my first responsibility. Someone from my Administration will be in Moscow shortly. China is involved.

You and your people have fought valiantly. We helped as much as we could. Fifteen months of killing is enough. I want your cooperation.

Cease fire in place means just that. No more killing. It’s open ended.

The money from the USA to Ukraine stops in one week.

Good Luck.

American residents get a very incomplete picture of the war. The networks “freeze out” a lot of great minds. One of those minds belongs to John Mearsheimer, PhD, University of Chicago. He did undergraduate study at West Point so he knows war.

Check this clip.

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