I follow Gallup Polling because they make it fairly easy to compare how a sitting President, Joe Biden, is doing, when compared to former presidents at different points in their presidencies.

Take a President like Barack Obama. He served two terms and just touched a Gallup job approval rating of 38% for a couple of weeks and went out the door a smidge under 60%. Not bad, considering, he remained “well liked in his home country of Kenya” as Obama, liked to joke.

The man had skills.

When someone like Joe Biden hits 37% job approval my question is this. What exactly are his political skills that he will use to turn that election losing number around? Does he have Obama, or Reagan, or Kennedy skills to charm, and inspire. Does he speak with clarity?

Can he fill up Yankee Stadium and bring a crowd to their feet with his rhetoric, like Reagan or Kennedy or Obama could have if they had to?

Can he go on TV for an hour and take on a hostile journalist like Hannity or Mark Levin or whoever constitutes the Right nowadays?

Can he go to the Border and debate the Governor of Texas or Senator Ted Cruz before a live crowd?

I don’t think Joe Biden has those skills. Which is a polite way of saying, I think he’s toast.

I voted for him. I’m glad he won. He should have announced that he intended to serve one term only. He didn’t do the right thing when he should have.

So, know what? Are we paralyzed as a country because we don’t want to hurt Joe Biden’s feelings?Of course not.

Everyone knows that Joe is not the best we have. Can you imagine how absolutely stupid the Democratic Convention will look, mouthing bromides that nobody believes especially those uttering them.

These times do not cry out for Trump v Biden again. How, as a country, could we expect to survive that idiocy?

I don’t know what is going to happen. But I do know that something very big and very unexpected will happen. We’re entering a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum.

I bet Tulsi Gabbard has “hail to the chief” playing on her earphones. And you think Tucker, is done. The mascot at his prep school is/are “The Dragons.” Deal with that.

And how about, an ex-military type capable of standing up to the Conventional Wisdom (which I think is stone cold nuts) on Ukraine. I’m all for helping Zelensky.  But only after we fill all American bellies and a few more in Africa which consistently gets the shaft while the cash goes to the usual suspects.

Please don’t tell me you don’t know who the usual suspects are…they don’t draw attention to themselves unless they must. They have protectors who never lose their jobs. Remind me, did Rachel get fired or Tucker? I know some vicious shit went down in Gaza back a little while ago, Rachel didn’t notice it for FIVE days. Management Loves Rachel. So, I guess Rachel still has her job.

William Safire, formerly of the Times, had a rule. “Don’t Kick them when they’re down. Kick them when they’re up, it takes guts.” Rachel kicks them when they’re down and Management wants them kicked. She has a job for life. Tucker Carlson kicked some folks who were up and protected by Management…he be gone.

Hang in there Tucker. Hang in there Tulsi. She had the guts to criticize Netanyahu, by name, so they decided she was nuts and loved Russia. Come to think about it, there would be no such place as Ukraine if it were not for Russia.

The “think tanks” put all the retired four stars on their payrolls. They become the Conventional Wisdom on Ukraine. So, the question becomes who finances the think tanks? Anyone want to go there? Don’t all volunteer at once.

The vacuum must be filled. If not now, at far greater cost, later.

Fasten your seatbelts.

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