I’ve been fascinated with politics since I saw Jack Kennedy’s limousine pull up the back ramp of the Boston Garden Election Eve 1960.

By sheer luck, I was given an opportunity to work as an intern in the US Senate in 1963. Later, as a lawyer, I testified a few times before Congressional Committees.

I’ve been fascinated by politics (the art of the possible) and politicians for decades. I loved Tip O’Neil and John Kennedy. I admired Reagan’s guts and charm. And, to this day, I remain fascinated by Richard Nixon, who I’m happy to say, I worked to Impeach and Remove.

Notwithstanding the super stars and villain referred to above, NONE of them can match the body of work, for the Country, laid down by Nancy Pelosi during her 30 years in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi came to Congress in 1987 at age 47. From day one to this very moment she has been moving and shaping events “for the country, for the people, for the children.”

The lode stars in her service in Congress.

In honor of the Greatest Political Operator of our time I’d like to repost a piece on Nancy from two years ago where I designated her Person of the Year.

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