Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida is now “The Man” in the Republican Party. He won very big in a very big state. The man has political skills and the inside track to be the Republican Nominee in 2024.

Nancy Pelosi held the line in what very well could have been a “wave election.” She got resources into the races where they could do the most good. She employed her tried and true political maxims: “Don’t agonize, organize. Own the ground. Get the vote out.”

Donald Trump continues to diminish himself and slips inexorably into pitiful insignificance.

The “Midterms” did the job they were designed to do. Namely, remind the Party in Power that they are temporary custodians of the Peoples Business. The people make their point by sending members of the majority back into the private sector to make a living, if they can, by performing actual work.

The “Midterms” produced some great feel good stories, some pain and a reminder that “politics ain’t beanbag.” They also set the stage for the Big Enchilada, also known as the election of a President of the United States in 2024.

Results I was happy to see included the election of a nice Irish Catholic girl from Buffalo, NY, named, Kathy Hochul, as Governor of that Sate defeating a tough street fighter named Lee Zeldin who received over $10 Million Dollars from one contributor. We don’t have to say a prayer for Mr. Zeldin. He’ll be back.

The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, won her race, which turned into a mud bath of election denialism. Whitmer has shown a couple of times she doesn’t wilt under pressure. Hochul in New York showed the same. I thought she was way too understated to win in New York. She got stronger as the race got tougher.

I’m happy for the former astronaut, Mark Kelly, the husband of former Rep Gabby Giffords who appears on the brink of reelection.

And, the great State of Maine, home of my late father, resisted the opportunity to revisit temporary insanity by declining to give former Governor LePage another opportunity to mismanage the state.

I love Maine.

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