I may be having Trump Withdrawal Symptoms. I need a vacation from writing stuff and trying to “make a point.” I’m going to wing it and talk about people who are fun to talk about.

I like Bill Belichick and Pope Francis and Javad Zarif and Nancy Pelosi and Phil Mickelson and Aaron Rodgers and Steve Bannon and Tulsi Gabbard and Gronk and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg. Mitch got game and who cares about Rory McIlroy, seriously? Rory’s OK but he didn’t answer my e-mail.

Go get’em Rory! Win the Masters. I’m OK with that.

And, how about Trump. The dude’s a piece of work with a decent golf swing at 74. I’m an expert on good golf swings. I never had one, but I know one when I see one. Best description of a bad golf swing was by David Feherty describing PGA Pro Jim Furyk’s swing, “it looks like a man trying to kill snakes in a phone booth.” Feherty’s funny, and a gentleman.

I definitely like Brian Williams and I’m glad Bannon got a pardon mostly because the cheap shot gutless media types coming for him deserve to lose again. And, I’ve been wondering why Michelle Obama wore that coat that was three feet longer than Jill Biden’s to the Inaugural, which reminds me I really like Jill Biden. She is so much in the moment, just like the most in the moment person ever, Nancy Pelosi who did a fabulous one-hour interview with Joy Reid, who was actually likable during that interview. Nancy does that for people. She makes the good better and she stays away from toxic cheap shot types. By the way, I can be OK with Tucker Carlson now and then (we confirmed Kavanaugh and gave some love to Tulsi Gabbard) and Josh Brown on CNBC who’s cool, funny and picks stocks that go up.

So, I like Brady, of course, but Aaron Rodgers is special. I like to think of people who would be really hard to play high limit short handed poker against, and I’ve come up with Aaron Rodgers as probably the toughest. He’s a master of misdirect. I think Nancy Pelosi would be tough, but she’d probably view it as a waste of time and would rather be working on healthcare or helping one of her members raise money to bulk up her caucus or heading to Goree Island with Rep. Omar. I like Ilhan Omar. Anyone who is OK with Nancy is OK with me.

How about Hunter Biden? I liked the way he looked at the Innaugration. Quiet. Dignified. Chief Justice Roberts is OK. Super tough job. And I’m becoming a Mike Pence groupie…which is funny. Pence wears well. He’s a gentleman. So are the Najarian brothers on CNBC.

A gentleman gets respect because he gives respect. I knew a great one, my father, a teacher and coach for 43 years.

We lost a great gentleman a couple of days ago, Larry King. Larry was on the air, radio and tv, since 1957. He gave respect and it flowed back to him. I never saw him take a cheap shot or go small or petty.

Larry King (RIP).

PS: BAD KARMA ALERT. Brady and Bucs just beat Rogers and Green Bay. In post game celebration Brady disrespected his teammates by wearing his white team jersey while the rest of the players wore their gray Conference Championship Jersey. That’s not like Brady. Separating yourself from the team…bad karma. But, on the other hand, Brady is a master at “picking teammates up” when they make a mistake. So, it could be a karma tie.

I have no idea what the point spread is on the Super Bowl, all I know is I wouldn’t bet the Doublewide on Brady and the Bucs. Andy Reid has killer charisma and Patrick Mahones is a happy player.

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