I may be having Trump Withdrawal Symptoms. I need a vacation from writing stuff and trying to “make a point.” I’m going to wing it and talk about people who are fun to talk about. I like Bill Belichick and Pope Francis and Javad Zarif and Nancy Pelosi and Phil Mickelson and Aaron Rodgers and


It’s closing time, Joe. Like the man said in the Movie (Glengarry Glen Ross), “Always Be Closing.” You closed on that pretty girl you met on the beach, way back when you were on Spring Break, your first wife (RIP). You closed on that Senate race when you were only twenty-nine freaking years old. C’mon,


TRUMP WANTS TALKS WITH IRAN. Israel Cheerleader and MSNBC host, Chuck Todd, looked like there had been a death in the family. How could an American President want to talk about peace with Iran without Israel’s permission? Who does Trump think he is? Obama? “The Saudis will go Bonkers!” Like Chuck Todd gives a rat’s


I had a story title before the debate started … Mrs. Know It All Schooled By The Class Clown. That would have been a fun story to write. Especially for someone who has been amused by Trump and very reluctantly supportive of Clinton. Someone like me, for instance. But then they actually had the debate.