“In the Republican Party, we don’t count voters we count donors.”

David Frum, former speechwriter for George W. Bush and close confidant of the late Sheldon Adelson uncorked that little truism not so long ago. Did Frum knock it out of the park or what?

David didn’t go into details on what constitutes a “donor” in the sophisticated world of Republican Finance. You want to get a hint, look at the Trump Inaugural Committee contribution list. If you didn’t give $1,000,000, you probably didn’t get an acknowledgement. Sheldon gave $5 Mil.

A real democrat, like Obama or Sanders can fund a Presidential Campaign taking no contributions above $500.

Jan 6 and the case of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have exposed the huge gap between the energy in today’s Republican Party and the donor class who only work up a sweat when their personal trainer comes in the morning.

The January-6/Taylor Greene Republicans weren’t out there busting up the Capitol because of their love of Israel (key to much of the donor class) or their passion for fracking. They were there because they “feel” costal elites not only don’t know them they don’t want to know them. You want to make a enemy for life, disrespect them. That’s what Hillary did.

The “genius” of Trump was that he knew how to please the “passionate about Israel” donors while giving the whites who’ve been in the military, work with their hands and settled a few scores in the parking lot, the feeling that he knew them and understood them.

People like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have a problem. How are they going to suck up to the “passionate about Israel” donor and hold the “ass kickers” who want to take it to the streets?

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