I’m not jumping up and down about Biden. He doesn’t do that for many people. I’m not looking to send him a check. I sent a couple to Tulsi, but that’s another story. If Joe was speaking to a group across the street (and mass meetings were allowed) I wouldn’t go. I’m afraid if I went I’d get exasperated and yell “spit it out Joe you’re driving us freaking crazy!”

You see, Joe can’t talk worth squat. I hate to say that but any other word is worse. The single most impressive thing I heard Joe say in the 483 Democratic Debates was “I see I’m out of time.” Which he said at least three times. To which the very secular politically correct audience responded “if there was a god we’d express gratitude but not in a way that would offend anyone.”

But, I gotta go with Joe because….because of the other guy…..the Drink the Lysol Guy (boy did that stock get a bounce) with his Prayer Breakfast Buddy Mike Pence. I wonder how many times a day Mike Pence says “I’m just proud as punch.” I bet its part of his phone message.

The other guy changes everything. We’re on notice. We can’t pretend we don’t know what he’s capable of. This is one of those moments Benjamin Franklin foretold when he walked out of Constitutional Hall, Philadelphia, 1787 and a woman shouted out to him “Dr.Franklin, what have you given us?” His response, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Wow. Franklin was twice a old as the next oldest delegate to the Constitutional Convention. What wisdom. The essence of Political Science in a sentence. Well done, Dr. Franklin.

This is our “can you keep it” moment. I’ve been interested in politics for a long time. I was ten feet from John Kennedy as his limousine drove up the back ramp of the Boston Garden Election Eve 1960. We tried to follow the limo into the Garden but the Boston police intervened. (Lesson Learned: Don’t ask a Boston police officer for his badge number. It didn’t end well for me in 1960.)

Back to the “can you keep it” idea. We’re talking abut the good old USA. I never thought our country was at stake in an election. I never thought the candidate I opposed was actually evil and capable of destroying our country…not even Nixon. I do think this election, 189 days from today, is such an election. Everything is at stake.

That’s why I gotta go with Joe. He is the perfect antidote to Trump. Joe is as American as apple pie…loyal, decent, honorable. A bit of a bumbler, but that’s American too. Didn’t Churchill say “you can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, but only after exhausting all other alternatives.”

Joe, for all his faults, is a team player. We have to get on his team, help shape the goals and policies of the team and push him over the finish line.

Be serious. If we can’t beat the Drink the Lysol Guy, what’s up with us?

Dr. Franklin would not be amused.

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