If you’re for Joe, how can you feel optimistic? What has he done that makes you want to say “he’s got this, he’s on top of his game.” Does he speak with passion and conviction that makes you want to send him a check. Has he ever given a speech that brought you to your feet?

I’m for Joe. I have to be. There is no realistic alternative. But, in answer to the above questions, Biden has shown me absolutely nothing about which to be encouraged or optimistic. I recognize the restrictions he’s laboring under because of the present health emergency. But, do something, Joe! Don’t freeze up.

Call into Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitizer at CNN or Brian Williams at MSNBC, every night, and point out the three biggest lies and/or misstatements made by Trump that day. Get your facts straight and speak loud and clear and not like you want to go to bed and hug your Teddy Bear. This is the moment you say you’ve always wanted. Seize it.

Meanwhile, Captain Chaos is on free TV two hours a day introducing people, running videos of people from business praising his leadership while he, in turn, gushes about their companies (campaign check is in the mail), making shit up then pretending he never said what it was that he just said all the while being just nice enough to Dr. Anthony Fauci whose credibility remains intact and who is essential to giving us some idea about what is actually happening.

Then, we get to the wrap up of the day at 9PM, Hannity of FOX speaking for Trump versus Maddow of MSNBC speaking for Biden. Advantage FOX. Hannity knows he’s in a fight and relishes the combat. I’m not for what he’s for, but he’s in it to win it for his team. And his team is Trump. MSNBC had someone like that once, Keith Olbermann. He was a huge factor in pushing Obama over the finish line in 2008 fearlessly taking on Bill O’Reilly the big dog at FOX at the time calling O’Reilly…Bill Orally or Bill Oh Really. If you had to name a half dozen people, beside Barack Obama himself, responsible for Obama’s 2008 win, Keith Olbermann would be one.

The best MSNBC has right now is Brian Williams if you’re up at 11PM. He’s a great cable host and a gentleman. He’s tough but not a brawler. It may take a brawler to help beat Trump before this thing is over. The other side has one in Hannity.


I have never been convinced that Joe Biden had a hunger to be President. Definitely not like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama or JFK. They saw daylight and went for it with a ferocious desire to win. Kennedy used to talk about “tasting it” when it looked like he had a real shot. Bill Clinton was famous for shaking every last hand no matter how long it took. Think about the level of commitment Barack Hussein Obama had to have to stand in the January cold before the statehouse in Springfield, IL and announce, with a straight face, that he was running for the Presidency of the United States…are you kidding me?

Obviously Obama was not kidding himself or anyone else. I love to remind the pathological Obama haters that Barack Hussein Obama is the only President since Eisenhower to win over 51 per cent of the popular vote twice. Talk about wanting it and being willing to do everything necessary to get it, Obama had that.

Does anybody see that in Joe Biden?

Every time Joe has run, including this time, he’s appeared to have a “might as well, nothing better to do” attitude about it all. It seemed like he thought it was “expected of him” to run. He was half way to the rocking chair in Wilmington when Jim Clyburn single handedly made him the nominee. Strange. Maybe Joe thinks he doesn’t deserve it and his conscience is bothering him.

I see two choices for Joe. Up your game by a lot now. Or get out now, while there’s still time to fix the mistake. The election is almost seven months away. There’s time.

Something has to give.

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