Anybody who has played or watched sports has heard a coach or or an announcer say “its going to come down to who wants it the most.”

Think about the great winners in recent sports history…Brady, Jordan, Tiger. Great ability, sure. But what separated them from the pack was a ferocious determination to prepare harder on every aspect of their craft so that at the moment of truth winning came naturally. They had total confidence that they had left nothing undone. Of course the pass would be caught or the shot would be made…they always were.

Meanwhile, Joe “Basement” Biden is doing what? What has he said or done in the last year that makes anybody anywhere want to stand and cheer or send him a check. His opponent,Trump, taunts him. “Joe Biden doesn’t know if he’s alive.” And Joe gives us no evidence to the contrary. Does Joe think things are going to get easier?

I’m trying to be for Biden if, for no other reason, Trump is the alternative. Joe’s not helping me, or people like me, that don’t want Trump.

Everybody knows Joe’s biggest problem is his inability to speak clearly and inspirationally. If he has a handicap or is impaired in any way he should say so in a heart to heart talk with the American people. If his cognitive faculties are fully intact, and he can demonstrate they are, the American people will cut him all the slack in the world. And, he can win.

But, if the deterioration is so severe that “toughing it out” will not work. He has to get out. Its an either or situation. Either demonstrate the skills necessary to compete and win or admit that you can’t and make way for someone who can.

The election is 168 days away. That’s a lifetime. The party can figure it out.


What pisses me off is I don’t think Biden is trying that hard. He’s a career Senator. No heavy lifting. He gets up “usually before 8AM” which means 9AM, sometimes. He goes and works out on the Peloton and pumps some iron. That’s ridiculous.

He should be up at 6AM and drill on his communication deficiencies. Old people can get better at stuff. I know some. Take the four most important issues of the day and state your position in 60 seconds. Do it day after day with pros forcing you to get it right or do it over. Call half a dozen swing state radio stations every morning. Then have breakfast and get to work.

After a while you might start to sound and feel like a winner. You’ve got a ways to go.

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