Democrats have a choice. Go big, go bold, hit hard and win. Or, be careful, politically correct, don’t offend anyone and lose. Trump has demonstrated the power of hate and the big lie. It gives the base their sugar high. They’re going to need more, much more. Imagine what Trump will be willing to do in six months, or if he’s slipping in the polls. You don’t beat that with cute and careful. You beat it with powerful truth.

Here’s a three point plan that, when added to traditional democratic themes, is timely, just and will drive up the turnout of Democratic voters amongst idealistic young people, African Americans, and those who value peace. It will also peel off votes from suburban Republican women who are disgusted with the Trump policy of war mongering, assassination, belligerence, lying and stupidity.

First, its time to end our annual financial aid package to Israel that costs US Taxpayers $4 Billion per year. We give more aid each year to Israel, a wealthy country of eight million people, than we give to all the countries of sub Saharan Africa combined, a poor area of 950 million people. The fact that so called “progressive” Representatives and Senators vote for this ridiculous disparity in the distribution of our aid money year after year is sick. The fact that Israel continues to lobby the US Congress for this massive aid package is shameful. We’ve done enough. End it. There are far better uses for that money.

Second, normalize our relations with Iran by reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated by the Obama Administration and signed by Russia, China, The UK, Germany, and France. Discontinue all sanctions imposed by the US on Iran and establish regular talks at the Secretary of State level  with a view towards reducing tensions between our two countries and establishing full diplomatic relations sooner rather than later. Our policy of not talking to countries unless they do A, B & C is arrogant and stupid. While our Israel-Centric media gives us a steady stream of “aren’t they awful” news about Iran, the facts are that we’ve done far worse to them than they’ve done to us including helping Saddam Hussein use chemical weapons against Iran in the Iran-Iraq War…a war where Iran lost about as many soldiers as the USA lost in World War II. The late Mr. Quassem Sulieimani fought honorably in that war. Maybe he got a little “taste” of American chemicals (and duplicity) that influenced his thinking and acting up until a few days ago.

Third, Reparations for Slavery. The debt owed for the grievous crime of slavery has not been fully recognized and redressed. The lack of action to do at least some measure of justice has real world repercussions, daily. It’s like an unpaid debt…neither party can forget…and both parties act out. It’s time to do better. Rather than engage in a lengthy process of locating actual descendants of slaves, a better step would be to provide Federal Funding for a minimum of a dozen, privately operated, very high quality K-12 schools located in cities with significant African American populations. Students with at least one African American parent born in the US could apply and make a nominal tuition payment. Students, other than African Americans would be able to apply and attend on a space available basis. The program should run for at least a generation (20 years) and require approximately $5 Billion per year which would become available by the savings realized  by ending the Israel Aid program and normalizing relations with Iran. It’s right. It’s just. And, its about time.


Are you listening Bernie Sanders? The country needs a righteous warrior with a big voice that demands to be heard. Put a strong powerful African American woman like Val Demings, the Florida Congresswoman and former Orlando Florida Police Chief, on the ticket with you and take us where most Americans want to go. We want to be fair. We want to be just. And, we want to live the truth.

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