After a Day of Impeachment Hearings, Trump looks like he’s winning. Plus, the Conventional Wisdom about you is that you’re a gaffe machine and a “consolation prize” nominee.

Do yourself and the Democratic Party a favor and go on FOX in the next few days and subject yourself to everything they’ve got. Suggest you go on with Chris Wallace who is tough and fair. Answer everything they want to throw at you about Ukraine and anything else. While you’re on, let the Country know that if you are the Nominee of the Democratic Party you will serve one term only. You should also consider bringing your son, Hunter, on with you. Screw the “conventional wisdom.” Answer every question they have.

Do it well and it will significantly help your chances of being the Democratic Nominee. Secondly it will virtually force the Republicans to call John Bolton as a witnesses and throw the slick McConnell Plan of no witnesses in the Impeachment Proceeding into disarray.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Show the country that the conventional wisdom about you is wrong. That you can be tough, crisp and smart. If the conventional wisdom about you is right and you stink up the joint, its better that your fellow democrats find out sooner rather than later. And, you should get out of the race.

Take a chance. Don’t be passive and lose gracefully. Seize the initiative.

Added January 26th, 2020

“Too Slow” Joe Biden decided to not seize the opportunity and give his Candidacy and the Democrat Party a rocket fuel boost.

What better way to grab control of the Democrat Race and the Impeachment Hearings than to go on FOX Sunday Morning, while the Hearings are in one day recess, and tell all you know about Ukraine and your son, Hunter’s, involvement in Ukraine and state you are ready and willing to testify as a witness in the Senate Trial to Convict and Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency of the United States. Big Stakes, Joe. It would have taken big brass ones to make yourself the center of attention in the Campaign and the Impeachment Trial. You would have really wanted to win…like fire in your belly, want to win

John Kennedy, who you have quoted, admiringly, many times, was fond of saying, “in politics, when you see blue sky, go for it.” He’d have gone for it. In the same circumstances, Bernie would have gone for it.

Hey Joe, sometimes the best thing you can do is get out of the way. It’s time.

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