A scared little boy in a man’s body looking to kill to avoid looking weak. A Jewish Billionaire in a wheelchair egging the little boy on. “Don’t look weak”. An American press petrified at being called out for dealing in anti-Semitic tropes unwilling to mention the Jewish Billionaire’s name.

The little boy is our President. He’s Trump. The Jewish Billionaire in the wheelchair in his suite, in the Las Vegas Sands Hotel, is Sheldon Adelson, the most powerful private citizen in Israel and the United States, that nobody knows because our cowardly press is scared of its own shadow.

Adelson is on the record saying that the way to deal with Iran is to drop a nuke in their desert and “tell them the next one is in downtown Teheran.” He said that in 2013 at Yeshiva University before a mostly Jewish audience that sat in stunned silence for a couple of seconds then burst into enthusiastic applause. Not a single person stood up and said “you’re a freaking idiot.”

How does Adelson have such power? He has absolute certainty in the righteousness of his position…kill anyone who threatens or may some day threaten Israel, plus the willingness to back candidates in Israel or the USA in amounts nobody else is willing to match. Soros? Koch Brothers? Mercers? Stop it; you’re making me laugh! Those clowns give millions; Sheldon will go 100 times that.

Sheldon is 86 years old and has a net worth of about $35 Billion. He owns the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper and the largest circulation newspaper in Israel, Israel Hayom. He parted ways with AIPAC when they started talking about a “two state solution”. He took it upon himself to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, who was too “dovish” for his tastes. Netanyahu owes his job to Adelson. He gave Trump $30 Million in the last week of the 2016 Campaign and talks to him constantly. Nobody serves in a national security position for Trump who is not OK with Sheldon.

So, Qassim Suleimani, a noble warrior had to go. Sure he had blood on his hands. He probably also had some chemical burns from the Iran-Iraq War, where the USA gave targeting information for Iraq to make “better use” of the chemical weapons they used against Iran with our knowledge. Not our finest hour.

The ball is in the court of the Democrat Candidates. Has anybody got the guts to call out Israel by name when they push us in a direction that is their interest but not ours, like our war in Iraq, for instance, and the imminent war with Iran? Bernie? Amy? Tulsi?

Do it. Don’t waffle and apologize. That’s loser bullshit. Shout it out.

The Truth will set you Free.

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