TRUMP WANTS TALKS WITH IRAN. Israel Cheerleader and MSNBC host, Chuck Todd, looked like there had been a death in the family. How could an American President want to talk about peace with Iran without Israel’s permission? Who does Trump think he is? Obama? “The Saudis will go Bonkers!” Like Chuck Todd gives a rat’s ass about the Saudis. “The Israelis will go Bonkers!” Now we’re talking Chucky’s sweet spot. The Saudis are supernumeraries…totally unnecessary to anything worthwhile but capable of helping Jared Kushner with some financial challenges and giving Netanyahu cover for just one more (he promises) “preemptive” war in the middle east where Israel risks nothing and the US does the heavy lifting, killing, and dying.

I’m imagining the phone call to Trump from Adelson. Adelson: “I gave you $30 MIL when nobody would give you a plug nickel! What’s with this peace with Iran crap?.” Trump: “You’ve done pretty well with me, Sheldon. Plus I hired that creepy friend of yours Bolton. Did I tell you he’s a real pain? At least Bannon was funny. Don’t send me anymore like Bolton and Pompeo.” Adelson: “Yeah, Bolton is an acquired taste that nobody’s acquired. I like him where he’s at…bugging you and not bugging me.” Trump: “I have this incredible urge to tell Bolton to roll around on the rug and bark like a dog.” Adelson: “That’s sick…but what’s sicker is he’ll do it. Look, don’t go flower child on me. You want my help. I want you to turn Iran into a parking lot. Bolton speaks for me. He knows what I want. My calendar tells me 2020 is coming. You’re going to need some cash. I reward my friends. It’s time for you to show me if you’re my friend. Call me Noon Sunday. No more peace bullshit. Bye.”

SOMEONE WHO CAN WIN? That’s what the Democrats want and need. They should cast a wide net…beyond the announced candidates…to the absolute best person in the Country who can win and govern. It’s totally stupid to limit the search for our next President to those who have volunteered for the job. Do you think Apple or Boeing or Walmart or Microsoft or Harvard University limit their search for a CEO to those who send in resumes? They don’t. Why should the Democratic Party, or the Country, for that matter limit its search to those who apply. Here are some people who could win, assemble, and retain a world class team and govern effectively: Michelle Obama; Warren Buffett; Robert Mueller; Nancy Pelosi; Four Time California Gov. Jerry Brown; Ret. General Barry McCaffrey; Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell; Two Time Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell; Former Maine Governor and present Independent US Senator Angus King. The fact that three of these people are over 80 years old (Warren Buffett, Jerry Brown, and George Mitchell) is a good thing not a bad thing. Now is not the time for some whiz banger on the make who yearns to hear the Marine Band play “Hail to the Chief” when he/she walks into the room. It’s time for an old soul. Someone who doesn’t hunger for the job but recognizes the need and is willing to serve. For the Country. One term only. I wrote a piece awhile back putting Nancy Pelosi together with Bob Mueller on a ticket with Pelosi on top. Here’s another one…maybe better. Michelle Obama with either Bob Mueller or Retired Four Star Barry McCaffrey. There would have to be total trust and confidence between the top (Obama) of the ticket and (Mueller or McCaffrey) the bottom of the ticket. Here’s a kicker… Barack Obama, White House Chief of Staff.

ONE TERM ONLY. There’s an old Washington adage that says “it’s amazing how much can get done when no one cares who gets the credit.” A President who has made his/her bones in another life and pledged to serve one term only could drain the hate from the system, and make major changes including starting the process for some needed Constitutional Amendments. Like keep the Electoral College but allocate each states votes by percentage. A candidate wins California 60% to 40% they get 60% of the electoral college votes. Lower the vote needed to Convict and Remove a President and Cabinet Officer from 67 in the Senate to 60…if that applied today there would be a shot at getting rid of Mnuchin and Barr. Start a massive Infrastructure program…like Eisenhower did in 1956 to start the Interstate Highway System.

PRESS. Hats off to MSNBC host Chris Matthews. He has the nerve to actually mention Sheldon Adelson. Could be a first on MSNBC. Nicolle Wallace is becoming the best MSNBC host. Rachel Maddow is good, but gutless. Completely gutless.


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