This Memorial Day weekend John Bolton won’t be hanging out with buddies having barbecue. He’ll be calling senior managers at the CIA and the other intelligence agencies, pressing them for more and better (meaning worse) information on Iran…browbeating them, pulling rank. Telling them to check this, that, and the other and be in his office with their findings Saturday 6AM.

That’s Bolton. The grinder. Intelligence is his weapon. Get it first before anybody else. Study it. Then call a meeting of principals like the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs…they’re both Irish…not particularly well-known and not protected by Adelson. Maybe not the sharpest pencils in the box.You know how we are. See if you can push them around a bit. After all, you speak for the President. Tell them to be on alert. Bolton will see the President 8PM Sunday Night. Do this and that and alert all the ships at sea in preparation for action before midnight Sunday Night. Meeting adjourned.

The absolute best time to do some just-for-the-fun-of-it ass-kicking on a who-cares-about-them country like Iran is in the middle of a three day weekend. Nobody around to make a big stink. Sneaky little bastard…not unlike Cheney but not quite able to pull off gravitas. Can’t even sit at the big table with the grownups because he can’t get confirmed for anything. That must frost him no end. He’s in his seventies now. People are starting to talk. He doesn’t even have a war he can call his own like Rummy, Cheney, Wolfie, and Scooter.

The good news for Bolton is he’s got a shot at a war of his own. He’s not, as they say in poker, drawing dead. He’s got a malleable President and Sheldon Adelson protecting him. Sheldon is already on record saying we ought to nuke Iran once “in the desert” and the next one “in downtown Tehran” if they didn’t learn to love Israel from the first nuke.

The only thing standing in the way of the war of Bolton’s and Adelson’s dreams is for Trump to get some cockamamie idea about talking peace. Bolton’s job is to find (or make up) some “intelligence” that shows the Iranians are worse than anyone thought before that crazy peace idea catches on. He knows it can be done…it’s been done before. He was there at the time. Who can forget the good old days of “weapons of mass destruction?”


For the Bolton-Adelson dream to succeed they have to keep Trump isolated. They can’t afford to have Trump establishing back channels to Tehran with wacky “Peace” talk. As Chuck Todd said, “the Israelis will go bonkers.” Somebody has to be with Trump constantly. Protect the President From Peace. You’ve got to like the sound of it. It’ll play in Peoria.

Time may be of the essence. The undisputed leader of the war with Iran crowd is Sheldon Adelson. Bolton is his gofer. Adelson is 85 now and not in the best of health. News reports back around March 1, 2019 spoke of him “battling cancer.” Dead silence since. As someone who has watched a lot of clips of him speaking to groups on many matters, I can say he is formidable. Nobody else is as effective at what he does. Not even close.

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