To Martin O'Malley and Robert McDonnell, governors of Maryland and Virginia, respectively, who appeared on Meet the Press in a joint appearance. O'Malley is Chairman of the Democratic Governor's Association, and McDonnell, the Republican Governor's Association.

The two had a good-natured, respectful, sometimes amusing discussion without either one getting all Santorum about anything. (One gets "Santorum" about something when they get whiny, petulant, obsequious, and obnoxious, simultaneously or seriatim.) 

To Meir Dagan, head of Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Service, who appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Dagan spoke calmly and deliberately about the nature of the Iranian regime and the threat it poses.

He reiterated his well-known position that the regime "acted rationally" in that it took steps in furtherance of its self-interest, fully aware of the consequences of its actions. A similar position, articulated by US Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey before Congress, was roundly criticized by the people who brought us the Iraq War, and the Newt, Mitt, and Rick clowncar.

Dagan is a combat veteran whose loyalty to Israel is unquestioned. He has called the idea of attacking Iran now "the stupidest thing he's ever heard." He has indicated that the window of opportunity to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb extends out to 2015. 

Dagan is able to maintain a level of objectivity about Arabs and Persians with whom his country has been in conflict since its inception. He has said that he has an "admiration" for some of the qualities of the Arabs, stating, "Many of my best friends are Arabs."