I call it unbelievable because our Press has lost its mind in its hero worship of all things Ukraine and its Jewish President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Press has given us no context and no history on whether these two countries, Russia and Ukraine, might have had some connection with each other over the last several decades. Just unadulterated love for a guy who did what leaders have been doing for centuries. Not bugging out the back door when the fighting started. He stayed and he’s been demanding free stuff from the USA ever since.

We’re up around $2.5 Bil for the year now for Ukraine. Nobody gets more except Israel. Ukraine, like Israel, never lifted a finger to help the US when we were hit on 9/11 although a number of Non NATO countries, like Jordan and Iran, did. Yeah, Iran. Dig it.

So, we don’t, in any way, “owe” Ukraine.

Let’s set some context for the Ukraine-Russia relationship. The most important thing to know is there wouldn’t be a place called “Ukraine” if it wasn’t for the sacrifices of the Russian people. Similarly, the number of Jews lost in the Holocaust would have been much higher were it not for Russia.

Russia broke the back of Hitler when the Nazis attacked Russia on June 22, 1941, proceeded to the gates of Moscow and were stopped dead, by an heroic Russian resistance on December 5, 1941 – six days before the US even declared war on Germany. The battle between Nazi Germany and Russia, named Operation Barbarossa by the Germans is, in terms of lives lost and soldiers deployed, the single biggest military battle in the History of the World.

It took a long time to finish Hitler, but it was downhill for the Nazis after Operation Barbarossa came a cropper.

Russia lost 10 -12 Million soldiers in World War II. The USA about 300,000. Does it surprise anybody that the Russians think they’ve earned, by blood, some say so about what goes on in their neighborhood. The USA has generally received deference from our neighbors. It’s part of being a World Power.

When Ukraine adopted a Provision to their Constitution in February 2019 to pursue NATO Membership, that set Putin on edge. We were surrounding Russia. They felt constricted. Do you blame him? We didn’t feel so hot when Cuba aligned with Russia.

Rather than examine the context of the Russia-Ukraine history and its present day realities the Press has turned Zelensky into a cult figure/rock star and Putin into a war criminal. Celebrity Chefs and everyone else are going to Ukraine to help. It’s Woodstock all over again. Be There or Be Square.

Let’s look at the “war criminal” charge thrown at Putin. What better way to establish excessive brutality than dead children? On his show Saturday, April 16, Jake Tapper, of CNN reported 200 Ukrainian children had been killed since hostilities commenced February 24, 2022. Given the shots of destroyed buildings I was hopeful it would be a low number and I thought, all things considered, 200 was low.


Gaza is a strip of land that borders Israel on two sides, Egypt on one side and the sea on the fourth side. It’s tiny. One-tenth the size of our smallest State, Rhode Island. It’s sealed shut. Unlike in Ukraine, where Five Million citizens have left by Rail unimpeded by Russia, nobody gets out of Gaza unless the Israelis let you out. And the only way they let anybody out is in return for information. In other words, “ratting out” friends and neighbors.

Every now and then Israel likes to do what they call “mowing the grass.” That means killing the citizens of Gaza. The last big “mowing the grass” operation in Gaza was 2014. Netanyahu was Prime Minister.

I can tell you right now, the Israelis killed 27 children who had not yet attained the age of TWELVE MONTHS and 284 children under Ten Years Old. The total number of children killed by Israel in Gaza in 2014 was over 500. Here are their names and ages supplied by an Israeli Civil Rights Organization, B’Tselem.


If they’re coming for Putin for war crimes they better slip down and pick up Netanyahu also.

The Russians did what they did in front of the World Press. When the Israelis do their killing, no Press Allowed.

Draw your own conclusions.

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