Comedian Groucho Marx was famous for saying “I’d never join a club that would let someone like me in it.”

I don’t think Groucho would have joined the “I love Ukraine Club.” He’d have thought the TV hosts intoning, “the pictures you will see are very disturbing” was bullshit. You mean, with everybody in the world carrying a pocket camera and thousands of Press, there wasn’t anyone there to take a live shot of Russian soldiers tying the hands of Ukrainians behind their back before shooting them in the back of the head. Not credible.

He’d have said “you think we’re stupid.” You show all these buildings marked “children inside” and the Ruskies bomb the heck out of them and then Ukraine reports, officially on April 4, 2022 (39 days after the war started), 158 Ukrainian children killed. We love kids, but that number, given all the pictures of bombed out buildings and the alleged bombing of “maternity wards” does not match. To match the carnage shown on TV, a number four times the reported number of dead kids, would have matched the pictures and reporting.

Groucho loved brutal honesty and brutal consistency even when it was hard. The tearing up by the beautiful people in the “I love Ukraine Club” would have caused Groucho to say “where were you bleeding hearts in 2014 when Israel killed 500 children locked up tight in the open air prison of Gaza, documented by the Israeli Civil Rights Organization, B’Tselm. That 500 dead kids was a real number and nobody had the guts to raise their voice, when doing so would have made a difference”.

There’s a word for those folks. They’re called “daytrippers.”

Israel brings out the “chicken” in the beautiful people, now weeping for Ukraine. They’re always there, except when you need them.


For those who like their intrigue dark and deep, there are people whose love of Israel knows no bounds who have a motive to have the name PUTIN removed from any believability forever.

It involves a certain Mr. Pollard. Jonathan Pollard, to be precise.

Jonathan Pollard was an American Citizen employed by the US Navy who spied on the USA for Israel. There are reputable journalists, like Seymour Hersh formerly of New Yorker and the New York Times who have written on the question of what Israel did with the information they received from Pollard.

Did Israel trade some of that information to Russia for benefit like the release of Jewish scientists to Israel? And, was the information given to Russia by Israel so damaging to the USA that it caused the loss of American lives?

Mr. Putin would know, in great detail, what was received from Israel and how “helpful” that information was to Russia and how damaging it was to the USA.

For the aforementioned reasons, Putin must never be allowed in polite company or believed by anybody on anything.

For more on this subject see Mondoweiss.

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