Ukraine is a core interest of Russia but not for the US. We care, of course, but not to die for. We don’t even have a confirmed Ambassador in Ukraine and Ukraine is not a Member of NATO.

Biden is 79 Putin is 69. Putin has time. Biden is going to want to get Ukraine off the front pages and evening news before our midterms in November. Putin has years.

If you’re going to go to war in Russia or Ukraine make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Napoleon wasn’t. The brutal Russian winter did him in. Same with the German guy (1933-45). Bring warm socks. The Russian winter is brutal.

If the fighting is going to take place in Ukraine the problem isn’t cold, it’s too much mud. Irony of Ironies, Putin may have to hesitate because of “Global Warming.” They’re having a warmer than usual winter in Ukraine which is causing mud up the wazoo making it impossible to move all that war stuff around. They even have a name for the mud over there its called Rasputitsa.

The French are involved. Macron has been working on his English so he can talk to the American Press many of whom are still in a pout with the French about the Dreyfus Affair. Oh well, the French have a history with Russia. Remember War and Peace, by Tolstoy and the Movie, Love and Death, with Woody Allen.

I love France…stay in the Fifth, Left Bank. I’m rooting for Nadal to pick up No. 22 at Roland Garros, of course. Hope to be there.

If worse comes to worse and actual fighting becomes likely, Biden should call up Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. Set up a secret meeting for the two of them, with Putin, at a secure location. To buy time. Putin worked well with both (he helped Obama get the chemical weapons out of Syria). There’s got to be a spot they can meet…maybe in Alaska. Don’t tell Sarah Palin.

This is serious stuff. But, if I was a betting man, I’d bet it has a peaceful ending.

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