Someone has got to tell Joe Biden to do the right thing.

Joe, you helped Obama win two terms and you beat Trump. Good for you. But, imagining you as President seven years from now is a bridge too far. In fact the very thought of a total of eight years of President Joe Biden, the guy I voted for, gives me the heebee-geebees.

Here’s what you have to do, Joe. On January 21, 2022, which is the one year anniversary of your Inauguration, go on TV and make the following statement.


Those were the exact words used by President Lyndon Johnson on March 31, 1968, seven months before the 1968 Presidential Election. Johnson was losing public support over the Viet Nam War and did what he thought was best for the Country and his Party at the time. Johnson’s announcement stabilized his poll numbers and he finished his term at just under 50% Job Approval. Not bad given the tumultuous Sixties and the War.

Joe Biden is a fighter and a patriot, I’m sure it goes against every instinct in his being to make such an announcement one year into his presidency. But, its not about what’s good for Joe anymore, its about the country and maintaining a viable two party system in the Congress.

Joe came into office with a 57% Gallup job approval number. He’s drifted gradually lower to where most reputable polls have him in the low forties. Not fatal, but within sight of the dirty thirties. Since he’s been President the polling on his mental fitness has slipped significantly and is the source of constant attention. Not helpful to Democrats who spend time explaining Joe’s gaffes and miscues.

Against this backdrop, we have an election November 8, 2022 in which 435 House seats and 34 Senate seats will be decided. Based on historical precedent (the Party that holds the White House loses seats) the likelihood of both the House and the Senate moving to Republican Control is high. If Joe were to make it clear that he intends to serve one term only, that would attract better Democratic Candidates to both the House and Senate races (better chance of serving in the Majority) and increase the likelihood that Democrats retain both Houses.

Plus, it would free Joe up to do what he loves to do, advocate for the Middle class and make peace where and when possible.

Do the right thing Joe. Give us your best for three more years then go home and sleep late in Wilmington. I bet you won’t get an argument from Jill.

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