Trump deserves an award. Not a Nobel….please! But, a Potemkin, like in “gee Dad, its a Potemkin!”

A Potemkin is an all purpose award that commemorates non events. Not to rush the story but a Potemkin in diplomacy is sort of like a Trump University Degree in Education. No one gets educated and no one agrees. There is one essential difference in a Diplomatic Potemkin, the catering is top of the line because none of the Celebrants are paying for it. That’s what tax payers are for, pick up the tab on Potemkin Award Ceremony Celebrations, which can go on as long as the taxpayers have money. Seriously. Helping the poor is so yesterday. Besides, they’ll just waste that money on food.

Tuesday’s Potemkin Award Ceremony Celebration (PACC) will feature some wild and crazy guys. We’re talking Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. Need I say more. I mean, let’s collectively pause and just absorb the enormity of those two together at the same time in the same place. Where is Church Lady (“Isn’t That Special”) when we need her? Lesser lights in elaborate PACC Arab attire representing places will also attend and be much fussed over for reasons to be named later, if at all, whichever comes first.

We have to tip our hat to Mr. Netanyahu to get this whole thing going. He has generously agreed not to take over what some people, who have not yet received a check from Sheldon Adelson, think is Palestine. He has agreed to not absorb that area right now. Not only that, I would wager serious money that he won’t take over Palestine before our Election Day. As Dan Rather would say you can bet the double-wide on that. Now, the day after our Election Day, well that is an entirely different matter. After all, between now and Election Day, everybody has time to get their applications in to Mr. Adelson for payment in return for denying Palestine exists.

If people act promptly and get their applications in to Mr. Adelson, there will, by unanimous consent, be no such place as Palestine. Is this a great Country or What?

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