Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson have a war all teed up for President Trump if he thinks he needs a war to win re-election. Timing is elegant. Iran is available. Use the Debate Sept 29 to take command of the stage. Remind us of your love for Israel. Commence hostilities first or second week of October.

Bye Bye Biden. Everybody knows a President gets a bump in the polls when our troops are at risk. Whether its a legitimate use of force, well now you’re being technical. Our President has an election to win. Nobody likes Iran anyway so its a win, win, win. Do you think Adelson came in $35 Mil strong in the last week of 2016, and gave five times more than the next largest giver to the Trump Inaugural Committee because he’s a flower child and, like Rodney King, just wants us “all to get along.” C’mon, man, you don’t go into the Casino business because you want to give someone a fair shot.

Netanyahu has experience sending the USA to war. Here he is, as a private Israeli citizen, between his first and second term as Israeli Prime Minister lecturing a compliant committee of our Congress on the duty of the United States to go to war with Iraq because in Netanyahu’s words “there was absolutely no doubt” that Saddam had weapons that, as it turned out, he didn’t have.

Netanyahu paid no price for his incorrect testimony. No Israelis joined us in battle. The USA lost 4,604 troops in an unnecessary war.

Fast forward to the here and now. Sheldon Adelson is the Man. He has one sweet deal. He is far and away the most powerful private citizen in both the United States and Israel but our chickenshit press is unwilling to mention his name. He built the AIPAC building and split with them when they started talking about a “two state solution”. He helped defeat Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and install Netanyahu as Prime Minister for a second term. He started and owns the most widely read newspaper in Israel, Israel Hayom, which consistently supports Netanyahu and Trump. Here he is announcing his arrival in Israel and his passion for Israel.

When Sheldon gets involved in a political matter, he takes it over and dominates the field. He won’t be out spent and he won’t be outworked. He gives to candidates who share his view that there are no such people as Palestinians and therefore there is no such thing as a “two state solution.” Adelson believes there is nothing to negotiate with Iran. We should nuke them, instead.

Even Sheldon Adelson, would be hard pressed to assert that there is no such place as Iran (Persia) or people such as Iranians (Persians). Netanyahu likes to say he is part of an Ancient People who “go back 3,000 years” sometimes, when he’s feeling expansive he bumps it up to “4,000 years”. Some say the Persians go back much further…let’s give them 5,000 years for the time being. One of their heroes is in the Bible, and is revered by Jews. Isaiah 45:1…go for it. Don’t tell me you don’t have a Bible!

There are 1,000,000 Persians in the US. They are generally successful in business, but a complete non-factor in shaping and making policy. There are roughly 5,000,000 Jews in the US. They are generally successful in business and, by far, the most politically astute and effective demographic in the USA. No Contest. NRA is a joke, in comparison!

We know, close to nothing about Iran. The information we receive is often from sources who do not wish them well. The following is indisputable: 1. The USA helped overthrow their government in 1953; 2. They took over our Embassy in 1979 and held our people hostage for 444 days; 3. We backed Saddam Hussein against Iran in the Iraq-Iran war and, in 1988, we helped Saddam use chemical weapons against Iran; 4. Iran volunteered to be helpful to us right after 9/11 and was helpful in installing our preferred leader in Afghanistan.

One of Bush’s neo-cons slipped Iran into Bush’s Axis of Evil Speech. Some folks work 24/7. I guarantee Iran was a lot more helpful to the USA after 9/11 than Israel.

Here is Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, being interviewed by the Council on Foreign Relations September 21, 2020.


There is a tug of war for Trump’s attention right now. The Adelson/Kushner/Pompeo/Netanyahu Wing of the Republican Party would love to cripple Iran. They’re bleeding as it is. Mnuchin has sanctioned them into starvation. Their banking system is locked up by our sanctions and they can’t buy medicine.

Since when is this the way the USA conducts itself?

It would be an act of gross cruelty and inhumanity for the USA to unleash its military on Iran to save a politician’s chances in an election.


My intuition tells me Biden is leaking oil. A summary of polls I follow that updates a few times a day has moved Biden to toss up in PA. Obama carried PA twice and Biden was born there. Wilmington, DE is 15 miles from the PA border. Biden gives speeches to empty rooms with his mask on. He starts talking in a whisper.

Everybody knows the tragedies experienced by Joe, losing his first wife and a child, then his son Beau. He has to put those stories away for the duration. When JFK ran he had lost a brother and sister and had another sister severely disabled. Those tragedies never crossed his lips. He was a happy warrior and built momentum throughout the campaign, and won by a whisker. I saw him in Boston Election Eve. The city was vibrating.

Take off the mask when you speak, Joe. Raise your voice. Be a warrior. Give the folks something to cheer about. The American people need to see two things from you. You want it. You can do it.

So, show ’em.

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