KAMALA HARRIS. Smoking hot with the eye of the tiger. Great listener. Infectious laugh. Lots of charm. Smart. Tough. Charismatic. Question: Can our President and our Dominatrix be the same person?

AMY KLOBUCHAR. As they say in the South, “You say you like Amy Klobuchar, I been liking her.” Calm. Almost sleepy. Very smart. Not a slash and burn type. Opposite of Rick Santorum. Gracious. Not the first choice to lead a revolution. Question: Will Amy Klobuchar be able to stay awake long enough to finish her own Inaugural Address? Oops! Spoke to soon. Amy just knocked it out of the park announcing her candidacy in the MN snow. Dynamite launch. Like I say, I been liking her.

JOE BIDEN. The perfect heart, mind, soul, and temperament of a Vice President for a cerebral aloof somewhat exotic President with a name like Barack Hussein Obama. Joe did that and did it well. His presence on the ticket was an assurance to middle class blue collar whites that Obama was “OK”. When Joe runs for himself he’s like the baseball player who runs until he makes an out. Joe talks until he says something stupid. Question: Can Joe accept the fact there is no shame in never being President?

ELIZABETH WARREN. Stick a fork in her. She’s done. It’s Hillary and her e-mails all over again times twenty. Hillary Clinton took what should have been a three day story…her e-mails…and turned it into a one year story that cost her the election. Warren has turned the Native American drama into a very boring multi year saga that would be fatal with white working class voters in rural PA, OH, MI, and WI. These folks gave Obama good numbers twice but were not having Hillary. Too much drama and deception. Warren had a chance to clear the “Native American” matter up back in 2012 after she won her first term in the Senate. She should have done the testing and made the apologies then. She would have had six years to put it all behind her. She choked. Warren’s stock and trade is expressing righteous indignation. She is not the right person to carry that message. Question: How many people in this Hank Williams, Jr. video would vote for Elizabeth Warren? How about none?

KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND. The Robespierre of the Me Too Movement. She ran her friend Al Franken out of the Senate and is on the record saying Bill Clinton should have resigned the Presidency over the Lewinsky matter. Started her career as a pro-gun Democrat running against an incumbent in a Republican House District. Won it twice and was a long shot appointee to fill Hilary Clinton’s Senate seat when Hillary was appointed Secretary of State. Is a power in New York now, winning her Senate Seat twice by big margins. Hard worker and tough competitor. Is who she appears to be…a striver, an achiever, a competitor, a purist. Question: Can you win the Presidency even though Bill Belichick has more natural charm than you?

BERNIE SANDERS. You have to love a guy who believes his own bullshit, gets his suits at Goodwill, and his hair cuts for free at the Barber College. Kidding…mostly. Bernie is everybody’s favorite curmudgeon. He’s got a cult following in parts of the Democratic Party and deserves respect for the purity and passion of his views and the energy he brings to campaigning. Is this his time…who knows? Question: Does Bernie know how to not run?

BETO O’ROURKE. Tall. Six four, big voice, ton of energy, lots of charisma, easy to like. Also, thin resume. Not a lot of evidence of Beto being a deep thinker. He’s 46 years old. So he’s a viable candidate for 20 years. My advice: Add some substance to your background. Pick up a degree in International Security Studies, spend some time in Iran, Turkey, China, Africa, Israel. Write a book. Question: Wasn’t there an ad that said…”we will sell no wine before its time”?


I’ve been looking to post that Hank Williams Jr. A Country Boy Will Survive Video for a long time. I think it “speaks” to why Democrats don’t do as well with country boys and girls in places like rural AR, WV, PA, OH, WI, and MI as they should. You don’t go into those little towns after taking $275,000 per speech for three speeches from Goldman Sachs…as Hillary Clinton did…and then tell those folks you know what their life is all about. And, you don’t make much progress with those people if you can’t come up with a straight story on whether or not you’re a Native American. “Righteous indignation” coming out of the wrong mouth rings hollow.

I like Amy Klobuchar’s chances in Hank Williams, Jr. Country and every where else, for that matter.


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