Five foot six inch Sheldon Adelson, the self described “tallest person in the room when I sit on my wallet”, hasn’t forgotten he paid for a war with Iran…not a wall with Mexico. Sheldon, who has increased his net worth a little over a billion dollars per year every year for the last thirty years, is not in the habit of forgetting who owes him. Adelson didn’t come in with $30 Million in the last ten days of the 2016 campaign, when it looked like Trump was dead in the water, because he wanted good government. Adelson wanted our embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem, the US out of the Iran Deal, and Iran nuked. Not kidding. Listen up.

Iran and Israel. Know at least this much. Iran is not as bad as the American Press says and Israel is not as good. Iran has fought and died for us…in Afghanistan after 9/11. Israel has never put a soldier at risk for the US anywhere anytime. Iran has never received aid from the US and has never been caught spying on us. Israel, took our money ($250 Billion and Counting in 70 years) and our protection and gave us Jonathan Pollard, one of the most damaging spies in US History. Israel has never given us a full accounting of what Pollard took from us and what they did with it. Seymour Hersh and others have accused Israel of giving some of the secrets Pollard stole from us to Russia in return for Russia allowing some Jewish scientists to migrate from Russia to Israel.

Information. Where do we get information on Iran and Israel? It’s almost all from Israel-friendly sources. Murdoch, the son of an orthodox Jewish Mother will not allow anything bad about Israel or good about Iran to be said on FOX, The NY Post, or the Wall Street Journal. MSNBC hosts pretend Sheldon Adelson doesn’t exist and Israel has never done anything wrong. Amyam Mohyeldin was reporting from Gaza on four young boys playing soccer on a beach who were vaporized by two Israeli strikes. His reporting was powerful and effective and he was immediately pulled off the assignment by MSNBC management. MSNBC is owned by Comcast whose controlling shareholder is Brian Roberts. Roberts is Jewish and a frequent visitor to Israel to participate in Maccabee games. Rachel Maddow and the gang have been appropriately timid and manageable since…nobody is willing to go to Gaza or Tehran and actually do journalism.

Compare and contrast. Iran does not try to influence American public opinion. That’s their mistake. Israel has turned influencing American Public opinion into an art form. That’s their right. You have to dig a bit to find info to inform your own opinion. Check out Netanyahu lecturing a Committee of Congress on why we had to go to war in Iraq and eventually Iran. Check out also Javad Zarif in an interview with Charlie Rose in 2017. Form your own opinion on who is the real thing and who is an aluminum siding salesman.

Nancy Pelosi. I like my girl so far. She’s cool as the other side of the pillow. She’s got a wild and wooly Caucus but she had five kids in six years so I’m sure she’s comfortable with confusion. Hang in there Nancy Pelosi. The people have entrusted the House Chamber to you. Tell Trump to speak at the Winter White House in Mar a Lago. White Tie. RSVP. One Hundred Thousand Dollar Admission Per Person.

Mitch McConnell. The Press has been ridiculously generous to him. Nobody mentions that his wife, Elaine Chou, is in the Trump Cabinet making $200,000 per year with a chauffeur and security. She’s Secretary of Transportation AND she serves at the pleasure of the President. Like Mitch, she’s getting paid during the shutdown. Mitch must know his wife is out on the street if he starts to pretend he is an actual Senate Majority Leader.

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