Donald Trump loves the image of himself sauntering across the stage showing a clenched fist or better yet…two clinched fists. Like he is actually in charge of something. Or, maybe a former war hero basking in well earned adulation.

Hardly, on both counts. Trump is a fraud. He is a kept man. He does what he’s told.

Trump is being kept by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson who, as of November 2, 2018, have given $113 Million to Republican Candidates in the 2018 election cycle. The Adelsons have given more than twice as much as the next largest donor (or husband/wife donors) to either party.

The Adelsons’ political contributions are just the tip of the iceberg of their political effectiveness. They are consummate political operators with a single-minded focus…support for Israel. They network seamlessly with Evangelical Protestant Ministers like Rev. James Hagee and Rev. Robert Jeffress whose views of Christianity entails boundless love for Israel and claims of being pro life. Their love of Israel garners them celebrity status in Israel and in conservative Republican Politics. In Republican politics pro life means professed concern for the period between conception and birth…its all about appearing concerned…you know, the Mike Pence look.

After birth you’re on your own. Don’t call us we’ll call you. Love the poor? Sure, theoretically…no heavy lifting please. We gave at work. Whatever.

The Adelsons create and support think tanks that advocate against a two state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict and point out the supposed evils of Iran. From Sheldon’s point of view, when you control something, like the Occupied West Bank, it’s yours. You don’t negotiate about giving it away to somebody so they can have a “State”. And, if someone might give you a problem sometime in the future, you take care of them while you can. As they say in the Mafia, “why take a chance?”

I’ll hand it to the guy, he’s refreshingly candid. I guess it goes with being a billionaire 40 times over. Questioned about the demographics of Israel if it were to take over the West Bank and make it all part of Israel. Could Israel still be both Jewish and democratic? Adelson’s response…”so it won’t be democratic.” Translation: “Jews will vote. Non-Jews? We’ll see. Maybe on some stuff. Like days for trash collection.”

Trump has already given the Adelsons most of their wish list. Tear up the Iran Deal; put sanctions on Iran; move US Embassy to Jerusalem; no criticism on settlements; no “two state solution” talk; no problem with Israel’s long distance execution of demonstrators at the Gaza border.

The last undone item on the Adelson wish list is an unnecessary “preemptive” war with Iran. That’s where our new best friends the Saudis come in. If your goal is to sell a rationale for going to war in the mideast you can’t say it’s to protect Israel. You know how people are…they’ll say “haven’t we done this already?” You know the Iraq thing with Wolfie and Cheney and Scooter and Perle and Bibi and Rummy. Weapons of mass destruction and all of that.

So we put a pretty face on the Saudis and say they’re reforming and doing all the right things. Jared becomes best friends with the Crown Prince and everything is falling into place for the Saudis to be deserving of our protection from Iran. You see, Israel is shy. They don’t want people to think we fight wars to protect them. They’d rather we think that we fight wars to protect someone else. The Saudis were looking pretty much worth fighting for with the super cool new Crown Prince and all. And then…talk about bad luck…the Crown Prince cuts a guy up and puts him in a box. And the guy, Jamal Kashoggi, is an American Resident and a highly respected journalist with the Washington Post.

As William Bendix used to say…”what a revolting development this is.” Talk about a low IQ individual. The Crown Prince must have an IQ down around room temperature. You’re in the middle of talking the guy up as the best thing since cold beer and he goes Jeffrey Dhamer on
someone. Not good.

And we’re supposed to go to war to save his sorry ass?

Trump and the Adelsons have until January 3, 2019 to figure that one out. They’re trying. You know Trump, he’ll do anything for a buck. So Trump says “maybe the Crown Prince didn’t….blah, blah, blah…” Sooner or later somebody is going to say…”give it up buttercup…that dog won’t hunt…it doesn’t pass the laugh test…” Really, an impossible sell.

Of course, Bolton and Pompeo would be good to go on anything the Adelsons want. But not Defense Secretary Mattis…a very decent and honorable man. No wonder Bolton, the consummate Adelson loyalist, is trying to undermine and ultimately force Secretary Mattis out.

On January 3, 2019 Nancy Pelosi will become Speaker of the House. That’s a prediction, and as Yogi Berra would say, it’s hard to make predictions — especially about the future. In any event, I’m betting on Nancy getting there…and not a moment too soon.

I can’t think of a moment in recent American History when a person was more suited for the challenges of a particular time than Nancy is for the challenge of leading the Democrats in the House of Representatives with Donald Trump, and all that he has shown himself to be, in the White House. Nancy has a moral compass. She is a fighter. She cares nothing about her image and everything about peace when possible and liberal values. She’s tough and persuasive. She takes the heat and doesn’t whine.

She’s beloved by most in the Democrat caucus and feared by others. Nobody can really say they hate her. For the simple reason that she is a world class ally (ask Obama) and a tenacious and fearless opponent (ask the Republicans) and the few Democrat big wigs who have tried to push her around (ask billionaire Democratic contributor Haim Saban).

Hang in there Nancy Pelosi. We need you. This is your time.

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