In 1987, the Congresswoman in the Northern California District where Nancy Pelosi lived, Rep. Sala Burton, died of cancer. Before she died, Sala asked Nancy to consider running for her congressional seat when it became vacant.

At the time, the youngest of Nancy’s five children was a senior in high school. Nancy decided she had to ask her youngest daughter for permission to make the run. Her daughter’s response was, “Mother, get a life.”

Nancy got the message. She ran and won the first of seventeen winning races for congress. In her thirty one year congressional career she has been a force for liberalism and peace on every major issue or legislative initiative that has come before the congress. She’s served on the Appropriations and Intelligence Committees and occupied virtually all the leadership positions in the House plus four years as the only woman Speaker of the House in our history.

Of the 10,947 individuals who have served in the House of Representatives since the founding of our country it would be hard to name five members who have had a greater impact on their time than Nancy has had on hers. Plus, it’s not over for Nancy, not by a long shot.

On November 28, 2018 Democratic members of the House of Representatives will caucus to select their leadership team. The conventional wisdom holds that Nancy Pelosi will be the choice of an overwhelming majority of Democratic Members to be the next Speaker of the House. That’s the conventional wisdom. I’m a Nancy Pelosi fan so I hope the conventional wisdom will prove to be true.

The conventional wisdom is a good bet in conventional times. We are not, however, in conventional times. Plus, with two plus weeks until the Democrats caucus to choose their Speaker, my gut tells me that the forces of darkness will make a move on the those of us who dwell in the light. That move will likely take the form of a slime attack of some sort on Pelosi designed to cause scared/wobbly Democrats to do what they do best…act scared and wobbly and start talking about “new leadership.”

Speaking of forces of darkness, take a guy like Sheldon Adelson who has $45 Billion in his pocket and a willingness to spend it in $100 million increments to support politicians like Trump, Netanyahu, Bolton, Pompeo, Cruz, Cotton who share his view that the way to achieve world peace is to bomb the Jack Doo out of Iran because it exists and, given enough time, might sometime do something that meets with the disapproval of Israel. In today’s Republican Party, bought and paid for by the aforementioned Mr. Adelson, the “someday somebody might” standard is plenty of reason to go to war for Israel. Why not? There’s money to be made.

The forces of darkness recognize that the “someday somebody might” standard for going to war is not acceptable to Nancy Pelosi. They also recognize that as Speaker she would be a ferocious and effective opponent to those who want to take us into one more unnecessary mideast war. Nancy opposed both wars with Iraq and was instrumental in helping Obama find the votes in the Senate to allow the Iran Deal to go into effect.


Mr. and Mrs. Adelson were guests of Trump at the White House Election Night. They will be at the White House again Friday November 18 when Trump will present Mrs. Adelson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I’m guessing they’ll bring their sleeping bags with them so they will have plenty of time to talk with Trump about making sure Trump will have the resources he needs for 2020 and Sheldon can have the war he wants with Iran.

I’m sure some helpful gofer like John Bolton will be given the opportunity to point out that the Democrats don’t become a majority in the House until January 3, 2019. Which will cause all present to speculate, cheerfully, on the merits of giving Iran a good Christian thumping just in time for the Holidays. Ho ho ho.

As they say in the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared. You can bet the Adelsons are.


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