Bill O'Reilly is an angry, cowardly, pathetic boor. Many have known that for some time. 

If you watch O'Reilly on an ordinary evening at 8pm, what you will see is a program that was taped at 5pm. O'Reilly's producers can clean up and retape the rough patches so his angry, over-the-top, childish spasms don't make it into the final product at 8pm.

If you want to look at a man out to sea, watch him on a night when he goes live at 8pm. Tuesday, June 19, 2012 was such a night. He had to go live because President Obama was doing a news conference at 8pm in Mexico, and O'Reilly had to do on the fly coverage of a breaking event. 

He literally stunk up the joint. He was worse than bad. He didn't understand the subject matter of the news conference:  1) the economy in Europe and how it affects the US; and 2) the situation in Syria and the difficulty of getting China and Russia to cooperate in ending the violence and removing Bashar al-Assad. 

Ethically-challenged O'Reilly ignored the fact that, right before he went on the air, news outlets, including Associated Press, were carrying reports that a Russian ship carrying attack helicopters to Syria, had reversed course and was heading back to Russia. For O'Reilly to report that would require him to recognize that there was a likely connection between the Putin-Obama meeting earlier in the day and the ship laden with armaments reversing course and heading back to Russia.

To report the breaking story would have required O'Reilly to deal with a news item that cuts against the Murdoch-Fox News theme that Obama is weak and ineffectual in foreign affairs. It would have taken a small measure of character and integrity to work that breaking development into his coverage. 

Bill O'Reilly has neither character nor integrity. O'Reilly is a gas-bag and a buffoon. 

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