SEAN HANNITY is trying to paint President Obama as a hypocrite for calling out Rush Limbaugh for his three-day attack on Sandra Fluke, who expressed an opinion on contraception coverage in health care plans … while Obama allowed his campaign to accept a one million dollar contribution from Bill Maher, who had referred to Sarah Palin in base and vulgar terms. 

There is ZERO equivalence between the two situations. 

First, Sarah Palin is a public figure, and a paid contributor to Fox News. She has ample access to news outlets to rebut or attack, as she often does. Sandra Fluke is a private, virtually unknown person with limited means and opportunity for response. 

Second, Limbaugh's attack on Fluke went on for three days, hour after hour. He attacked and ridiculed her forty-six times over those three days. Maher's remark about Palin was over and done with in seconds. 

Third, Maher is out in the world doing stand-up comedy and shows before live audiences. If he gets out of line, he hears it from his audience immediately. Limbaugh is locked up in a guarded bunker spewing garbage. He doesn't appear before live audiences. 

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