In today's first post, I wrote about how hate and anger are greater motivators in politics than love. In view of that fact (let's suppose it is a fact), I thought it might be interesting to measure my own anger level and invite you to do likewise.

Below is a list of eighteen names. On the left, nine well-known progressives. On the right, nine well-known conservatives. 

Treat each person in the names listed below individually and on a scale of 0 to 10. Register your level of anger or disapproval toward that person. If you really like someone and have no anger toward them, they get a 0. If you can't stand them, they get 10. It's like golf. Low scores are good, high scores are bad. 

Add up the scores of the people on the left, and repeat the process for those on the right. If you have a really low score on the left and a very high score on the right, you're a serious liberal. Vice versa, and you're a serious conservative. 

Nancy Pelosi              Rick Santorum

Bill Maher                   Rush Limbaugh

Rachel Maddow          Sean Hannity

Al Sharpton               Clarence Thomas

Bill Clinton                 Dick Cheney

Elizabeth Warren      Eric Cantor

Barack Obama          Binyamin Netanyahu

Hillary Clinton           Sarah Palin

Michael Moore          Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I had 14 left, and 75 right. I guess that makes me a liberal. Strange, I don't feel that liberal. 

If I substituted Ron Paul and Mitt Romney for a couple of the bozos in the right column, I would have been quite a bit lower than 75 over there. 

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