The American Press has it all figured out.

The relationship between the Muslims residing in Gaza and the Jews in Israel should be defined by the Muslim’s attack on the Jews in Israel last Saturday.

Nothing else matters.

That is the point from which we should measure right and wrong…according to the American Press which is disproportionately owned by American Jews.

Look it up.

The wars between the parties in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021 in which the Jews pummeled the jack crap out of the Muslims in Gaza, having so much fun, that the Jews in Israel took to calling it “Mowing the Grass” should not be considered in assessing which of these two peoples will be honored by the Judgement of History.

In my opinion the American Press should be ashamed of itself. They cheer Netanyahu on when he announces an intent to commit war crimes….he’s going to reduce Gaza to “rubble” once he gets all the Jews out.

The Jews in Israel had their way big time in the last big encounter, Operation Protective Edge. It lasted 51 days. The Jews killed about 2400 Muslims. The Muslims killed about 100 Jews most of which were uniformed Israeli soldiers killed in a pitched battle with Hamas soldiers. (Sort of old fashioned like American soldiers have fought for decades oftentimes in warfare urged upon us by Israel but in which Israel never participates).

Up until right now, fighting the Muslims in Gaza was a walk in the Park for the Jews in Israel.

Continuing on Israel’s last big “Mowing the Grass”, Operation Protective Edge, a Jewish hero of mine Hagai El-Ad kept a diary of sorts, for the website he founded called B Tselem. He chronicled the names and ages of the people killed by Israel in that Slaughter Operation.

I distinctly remember that Israel killed over 30 Infants…which means children under 12 Months. Do those infants and parents and grandparents figure into the “thinking” of the American Press.

The website B Tselem in which the Israeli carnage of the infants of Gaza was documented is no longer accessible.

In the interest of honesty and fairness Joe Biden should demand that the site be opened chronicling Israel’s slaughter of children in 2014.

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