Let’s have fun. Truth be known I’m a little behind the curve on some stuff like War, Peace and the Economy. I’m willing to bet we’ve got a little of each.

I’m going to make a list of people I like at least a bit at some time in their life. If a particular name appears in this story, at any place they are someone I like at least for something.

Major Impact Players

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. I list them as a pair partly because of the way they arrived in politics. Obama was broke and couldn’t rent a car at the Democratic Convention in 2000. Eight years later he was elected President of the USA. Nancy first ran for Congress when she was 47 years old – almost twenty years later than people she would compete against for higher office.

Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill. Just a couple of Irish guys trying to make their way in the world. Both masters of self-effacing humor. Both tough when required and unbeatable at the polls.

Al Sharpton has spent most of his life with a bullseye pinned to his chest. Certainly a different kind of difference maker than Dr. King but a change agent over the decades.

Sheldon Adelson was the most powerful private citizen in Israel and the USA, and nobody knew he existed except those he wanted to know.

Lesser lights

Steve Bannon doesn’t give a shit, but Donald Trump would have had no win without him.

Mike Pence does deadpan humor without knowing it. If he had left the Capitol on Jan 6 as the Secret Service directed him to do, we would be half way through Trump’s second term.

Tucker Carlson pisses everyone off but if you’re like me, and think my Democratic Party was unfair in the extreme to my Irish Catholic neighbor, Justice Kavanaugh, you are going to need people like Tucker and Lindsey Graham and my Maine girl, Susan Collins who gave Kavanaugh the last vote he needed to be confirmed..


Loved Phil from jump. Learned to love Tiger as injuries revealed character. Jon Rham is the best player in the World and has the competitive fire reminiscent of Tiger at his best. And. Jordan Speith, a happy warrior who can manufacture magic out of air.


John Stockton the greatest point guard in the history of the game. Gotta love coach Thibs in NYC and Riley in Miami and Riley & Thibs helped make Jimmy Butler in Miami one of the great competitors.

The Press

If you are going to watch one hour of TV per week you should watch Fareed Zakaria at 10am on Sunday. If you can watch two hours watch the 1pm show, he’s that good. If you find out that Javad Zarif, former foreign minister of Iran is going to be anywhere to speak about anything, go and find him, he’s brilliant, honest and funny but stinks at basketball…

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