CNN reported over last weekend that the total dead from the Ukraine War are 180,000 Russian dead and 100,000 Ukrainian dead. Also, CNN reported the USA spent $100 Billion helping Ukraine in the last year. As Former Senator Everett Dirksen would say, “A $100 Billion here and a $100 Billion there, after a while you’re talking about real money.”

Judging by CNN coverage one would have thought that Russian dead would be five times Ukrainian dead. We keep hearing how stupid the Russians are compared to the Ukrainians. The fatality differential indicates a closer fight.

Be that as it may, all that is ancient history now.

The new fly in the ointment in the Ukraine Theatre is the arrival, in US airspace, of spy balloons and satellites from China. The US doesn’t need that now while we’re doing all we can to help Ukraine. We don’t need China coming to Russia’s assistance. Basic Kissinger strategy holds that if you have two strong adversaries, don’t unite them…do all you can to keep them apart so they can’t make common purpose against you.

Timing is everything.

Why is China rattling our cage right now? Are they trying to say they are capable of causing us problems while we send all sorts of stuff into their area?


We’ve done what we could for Ukraine. One Hundred Billion Dollars in one year is a lot of money. There are a lot of Americans with no place to sleep tonight that could use some help. Joe Biden has a responsibility for them too.

It’s time for Ukraine to do some listening and dispense with the demands.

Wise men like Henry Kissinger, know there are times when you must fight and times when you talk. Kissinger has said the time has come for a Cease Fire. His version is complicated. He’s Kissinger.

It doesn’t have to happen today and the beginnings of the process can be in secret. Zelensky can even start the process by utilizing a trusted intermediary like Henry Kissinger for advice.

February 24th is one year. We didn’t “owe” Ukraine. When we were hit on 9/11 Ukraine did not come to our assistance. Many Non-NATO Countries did.

A Ceasefire in Place is the right thing to do.

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